Garden Party September Wrap Up

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Oh the gardening season seems to go by so fast!

Here it is September and my husband and I are looking out the back window deciding if we should take the garden down this week or next.

The seasons. They come and they go. Let’s have a look back on the Summer Gardening Season of 2015.

This was our first garden in our new home and we learned a lot this season. We also ate a lot and had a lot of fun sharing with friends and family.

We used the Square Foot Gardeningmethod this year and I think I really like it. My plan is to continue it next year and maybe have taller beds and plant a few other things.

I got a late start on my garden. In the past I usually start seeds indoors in early spring but this year I wasn’t sure I was going to garden at all so at the last minute I bought a lot of plants and planted some seeds too late. Next year I want to be more organized about when I start my plants and, thank you to Melanie, she’s made us a great printable to have a more organized garden.

Garden pests plagued me this year too so next year I need to be proactive and start that Neem oil business early on. I also need to replenish the garlic concentrate.

Here are some specifics on what happened in my garden this year.

Tomatoes: Start from seeds or order my plants from Territorial Seed Co.

Swiss Chard: Protect them better from pests

Zucchini: More! More!

Carrots: More! More!

Cantelope: I will try yet again to get at least one melon from my plant

Onions: I did not plant nearly enough and I did not do companion planting which was a mistake.

Herbs: This was a quiet hero in the garden. I’ve been drying them and using them in our meals. Quite delicious. Those that aren’t perennials will definitely be coming back next year and I would also like to try cilantro.

Seed Saving for Next Year’s Harvest

Another thing I didn’t do quite right this year was seed saving. Did you know there is a right way to save tomato seeds? Next year (always next year) I plan to be a little more thoughtful in this arena.

This video was sent to my inbox a little too late but it’s good information to know for next year.


And then finally I made you all some Vintage Seed Envelopes to save your seeds in because I know you’re more organized about this than I am. Just printt them out (there are 4 total). Cut them out and then fold along the lines and tape or glue to make an envelope.

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Don’t forget to drop by Melanie’s Garden at FinchnWren and link up your Gardening posts (below) with us this September!

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