Getting it Done When You Don’t Feel Like It


First of all there is always tomorrow. If you don’t have the get up and go today table your less pressing tasks until tomorrow or even a few days later when you will feel more like tending to them.

Second try breaking up your to-do's into more digestible pieces. Set your timer for 5 minutes and spend those 5 minutes doing those tasks. Making that phone call, tending to the laundry, filling out that form or what have you. When the timer goes off go have a seat, get some rest or just veg out.

If you have small children who adding to your fatigue and are wearing you out (I relate) see if you can lean on a close friend or family member to relieve you for a few hours or even a whole day. It can make a world of difference and boy how you miss those wild times. I feel the heat a bit more these days so my mom comes in to help me out when I start to get frazzled.

If this lack of energy is an ongoing thing think about revamping your diet. It may be a time to make a dietary change. More fruits and vegetables. Even water and a daily multi vitamin can have a profound effect.

Use this time to get some reading done.

And of course consult your physician to rule out anything more serious.

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