Getting Your Child’s Bedroom Organized

Nobody tells you when you bring that cute bundle home from the hospital that they will come with a lot of extra stuff each year of their lives. Their clothes, toys, and whatnot seems to multiply each and every day. This is most apparent in their bedrooms. The child's domain.

Coming into a home where the parents like to keep things nice and I tidy I for sure thought my daughter would also grow up super neat. I felt by that some form of osmosis and watching mommy she would get it and this would not be a problem.

Fast forward to her 13th year and I've had to take some intervention steps every so often to keep mold from growing on damp dumped clothing, empty food dishes (why don't I just ban food in her room, and forgotten what nots.

I've finally faced facts that my daughter is not super tidy and instead of cleaning up and asking her to keep it that way I've been doing my best to help her clean according to her style.

What I'm saying is this has been a learning step for mommy AND daughter.

First step was to determine her cleaning style. Just like with homeschooling I knew that it was just a matter of figuring out how her brain worked when it came to cleaning and tidying.

First be sure to enlist the not always so efficient aid of the child in question when organizing their bedroom. This is “their room” after all and you can avoid conflicts later when they come looking for the stuff that used to be there if they were there when it got put away.

Next use the simple but effective method of having a

  • “Keep” box or bag
  • “Give Away” box or bag
  • and a “Throw Away” box or bag.
  • If you have a growing child or are expecting another child it might help to also have a “Store” box or bag in which to keep items for future use.

So okay. Go to it!? Oh you need some bedroom organizing tips?

1.Start your organizing efforts in the closet. Getting that area cleared out will help you to find places for the other items you have in the room.

2.Use all available space in the bedroom. That might mean picking up some hanging organizers for organizing the closets. You can find these fairly cheap. At one point Target had some for $2 in those dollar bins near the door. I was a little miffed that they were $2 instead of $1.

3.If your child is a collector (mine is) consider getting a big toy bin or toy bucket to just dump toys in. My nephew had one of these and long after he had outgrown everything it was a source of endless entertainment for our daughter. That bin is now long gone but she is starting her own. It holds all those smaller toys you don’t know what to do with but they still play with. Toy cars, blocks, knick knacky things and the like.

4.Take inventory of your child’s clothing as you are organizing. That way you’ll have a list for needs when it comes time to shop or sew.

5.Pull aside outgrown or no longer enjoyed toys to place in a garage sale or to donate to other children. For toys that you may still want to hold on to rotate them with other toys so your children are not drowning in them. Store the excess away for those “mom I’m bored” times or as my daughter says “Mom? What should I do?”

6. Organize your child’s books. Ideally it’s nice for your child to have some of their books in their room and some in the main room the family congregates in such as the family room, living room, or even dining room. Rotate the books just like the toys. Is your child learning to read? Have their reading level available and just above.

7. For younger children label bins and drawers so they know what is inside and what should be inside.

And don't forget get your child involved in organizing their own bedroom.

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