Healthy Snacks To Go Ebook (Review)

Looking for a good way to provide healthy, yummy snacks for your growing family?

Healthy Snacks To Go is a great little ebook full of easy to make, delicious snacks you will find yourself returning to again and again.

I was able to get this ebook in one of the past Ultimate Bundle sales but even if I hadn’t it was on my radar to buy. I have a soy allergy and that makes finding good snacks and quick things to munch on a little harder and a lot more expensive. I can buy lots of snacks for my family, because they don’t seem to have any allergies (frown), but do I want them eating any old junk when I can make them something healthier?

When you’re trying to eat a real food, healthy diet and care for your family it’s important that you have snacks to fill the times between meals. Your family is going to be hungry and if you don’t have the healthy thing to fill the gap they will go for the unhealthy.

I’ve been a regular reader of Katie Kimball’s, of Kitchen Stewardship for many years. I was already making several recipes from her blog and was excited to see she had this little ebook written.

Healthy Snacks To Go  has over 45 healthy snack recipes to help you satisfy your family’s (and your) munch without sacrificing your health.

In this well written ebook you’ll find detailed notes, frugal tips, allergy options, toddler friendly snacks, nourishing recipes. If you have a family this is the ebook you need to put healthy snacks in your pantry.

You’ll find recipes for bars, quick munchies (like nuts, and crackers), muffins, lunchbox goodies, and more.

Want to test drive some recipes? Check out the Table of Contents and sample of couple of recipes here >>>> Healthy Snacks to Go




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