Homemaking Organized’s Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Ideas
Holiday Gift Ideas Still struggling with what to buy a friend or family member? Here is our little Gift Guide that will give you some great ideas. These are some curated gifts that we think you will enjoy giving to friends and family this holiday season.   Stay at Home Basic Wardrobe Builder Have a mom friend who struggles with what to wear on a daily basis?SAHM Wardrobe Builder is the answer. Take her shopping in her closet or to the store and watch her blossom. Comes with a Facebook Support group to share your outfits and get feedback from fellow wardrobe builders. I own the SAHM Wardrobe Builder.
The Intentional Bites Planner is a food journal to help find success in dietary goals. Not just for losing weight but also for tracking down what foods might be working or not working. Created by the MyFreezeEasy lady Erin Chase this physical planner will be a great gift for someone working on their eating goals.
Wiivv custom insoles are the perfect gift for the hard to buy for person. Foot pain can mean the difference between a good and a bad day. I know from personal experience. Wiivv uses medical professionals to help design their just for you product.
Kids Cook Real Food. Give your kids the gift of independence this holiday season with online cooking lessons that build family connection, confidence and creativity in kids. (Great clutter-free option for the grandmas of the world, and no batteries for you to replace – ever!)
By the Way Books are a fun way to teach children about the world around them with a Christian World view. We’ve reviewed By the Way books as part of the Homeschool Review Crew and are excited to share this deal with you >>> 3 books for $40 plus free shipping. Order at By the Way Books.

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