How to Use a Planner for Your Holiday Planning

I love planners. A lot of people do. They help you get things done and get very organized. When the holidays are near and things get really busy it only makes sense to have a Holiday Planner to help keep you organized

If you find yourself biting your fingernails thinking of the upcoming holidays dinners, celebrations, get togethers, shopping, and all around frenzy, it’s time to start making a few lists. Get or make a holiday planner.

Decide Which Holidays You Want to Use the Planner for

You can use a planner for any holidays you want to organize.

Holiday Planners are not limited to Christmas.

I recommend using a different planner for each holiday rather than one big planner for all.

Most people use a Holiday Planner for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The addition of gifts and a big sit down dinner make them ideal for using a planner.

Other Holidays to organize with a planner

  • Valentine's Day
  • Mother's Day
  • Fourth of July

What's in a Holiday Planner

Next you'll decide what forms you want in your planner. If you purchase a printable planner it will come with many pages. You can pick the ones you intend to use and maybe one or two that you are interested in using.

In our own Homemaking Organized Holiday Printable Planner we have pages for Advent planning, menu planning, cards sent and received lists, gift lists, menu planner, and more.

You will want pages to organize all the traditions and activities you have planned.

Here is a list of pages very Holiday Planner should have.

  • Calendar: A calendar helps you to keep track of the days and plan when to start your holiday prep.
  • Menu: Every holiday comes with a meal or party of some sort. Keep track of what to serve.
  • To Do: And of course no planner is complete without a To-Do list.

It’s a given fact that working with a planner just makes life easier. There’s a reason why planners are so popular.  They motivate and inspire you!

More Tips for Your Holiday Planner

Here are some wonderful suggestions (if I may say so myself) to give you a little boost with putting together your Holiday Planner.

  • Use a notebook or a ring binder to keep all of your Holiday Planner details in.
  • Use dividers and make sections for each area of holiday planning. Parties, home decor, gifts, outings, guests.
  • Some things you can put on your To Do List in your Holiday Planner
  1. Plan Menu
  2. Shop for meal
  3. Shop for party favors (you know like for the 4th of July)
  4. Send invitations
  5. Clean House
  6. Decorate

Of course this is just a rough draft but you get the idea.

  • Things to keep track of in your Menu Planning section…
  1. Main Dish
  2. Side Dishes
  3. Dessert
  4. List of things to prep in advance
  5. Things to ask guests to bring

E. What about cards? Do you have cards to send out?

  1. Make a list of people to send cards to.
  2. Decide if you’re making your cards, designing your cards (computer), or buying your cards.
  3. Pick out your design or designs.
  4. Type up mailing labels.

Set aside just 15 minutes a night or 30 minutes to work on organizing your holiday plans and your holiday planner will come together in no time.

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