Home Decor with a Faux Silk Plant from CSIWallpanels {a Review}

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Faux Silk Plant for Home Decor

I love my home but I don’t love its lack of natural light.

When we purchased our, then new, home I had no idea the death and destruction that would happen in my own living room! No less than 3 houseplants have met their demise in this popular family gathering place.

The reason?

Lack of light.


If you didn’t know, plants need light. And some more than others. Our living room is north facing and only has one window (Whose bright idea was that??!!). I have tried all four corners of this room with various of my larger plants.

After the last death of a finicky ficus, I had made up my mind to give a silk plant a try.

A silk plant is a piece of decor made out of silk…I think. Well, it’s made out of fabric of some sort. You’ve probably seen them at your bank (I just noticed this morning that my bank has silk ficus), the hospital waiting room, and other places where you don’t really notice them but they add to the ambiance.

I myself have had tiny faux silk smaller plants in the past before but never something as big as I was thinking.

The Silk Plant Arrival

Recently I was contacted by CSIWallpanels and they asked me if I would like to review one of their products (How did they know? Bless their hearts!). BTW CSIWallpanels also makes lovely 3D decorative panels that can change the look of your walls.

I browsed through the online offerings at Silk Plants Direct. There are a lot of offerings and at first my mind wandered to getting a plant for outside, to what I could do with the bathroom.

I admit to sometimes being distracted. But I shook myself out of it and stayed on course. I was here to help the dark corner of our living room! I felt that something ferny looking would be nice to try. So I ordered the Bird’s Nest Fern and eagerly awaited its arrival.

About a week later the silk plant arrived nice and secure with a little bubble wrap in a box. But it was all straight! It didn’t look anything like the website!

Faux Silk Plant Packed in bubble wrap

I was also surprised at the teeny pot it was in but then remembered. Hey, this is a silk plant! I don’t need all this soil for the roots!

My first thought was to look for instructions on what to do next with the plant. I was sure that I was supposed to do something to make it look like the one online. I wanted to set it up right but I’m not very familiar with silk plants.

I was hoping there were a few instructions sent with the plant but there were none. Just the shipping statement.

Then I went online hoping I could find some and I couldn’t locate any instructions on how to set up my plant.  I think it would be a nice touch to even just add a few sentences to the invoice/shipping statement on how to set up your silk plant.

Faux Silk Plant in Box


So I went with my gut instinct. I didn’t even google it. Here are the steps I took to set up my silk plant

  1. First I put my silk plant in a ceramic pot I had set aside for just this occasion. I got my husband to help out. I took a wile guess that we should just “form” the plant to how we wanted it to look. I wanted it to look like the one online.
  2. I kept the plant in the pot it came in and just set it into the bigger ceramic pot. On the agenda is the purchase of some moss to pad around it but for now, just pretend it’s there.
  3. Using my hands I gently smoothed and bent each of the silk leaves attempting to mimic the plant pictured on the website.
  4. I went around the whole plant bending and forming each leaf.

What do you think of my Silk Plant?

It looks much nicer once staged.

I placed it in the corner of death and stepped back. It instantly warmed up the area. AND IT WON’T DIE!

A friend just happened to drop by shortly after I set it up and she noticed the change right away. In fact, she started thinking of her own living room.

My mother came by a few days later. Commented on how nice the plant looked in the corner of the room and then I realized she thought it was real! I told her it was a silk plant and she was amazed!

I know we all love live plants but sometimes they just won’t work in a space. My dark living room is one of those.

I’m pleased with the look.

You can find the Bird’s Nest Fern at Silk Plants Direct along with many other silk plants, flowers, and trees.

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