How to Have a Clean Home

How to have a clean home.

How to have a clean home.
Here are some step by step tips for having a clean home. While having a clean home is something everyone wants.  A clean home is not something everyone knows how to achieve. But it doesn't take much. After revisiting our reasons for having a clean home we'll look at some simple to implement tips for achieving this nice clean home.

Here are some good reasons to have a clean home

A clean home will save you money.  Your appliances will love you.  Everyone knows that regularly cleaned and maintained items work better and last longer.  Why not your whole house.  Just think of your teeth (I'm using  this example because we just went to the dentist), how big would your dental bill be if you never brushed your teeth?  Clean teeth cost less. Clean home cost's less. Case closed.

A clean home will save you time. You will be able to find things. You won't have to work so hard to clean grit and grime because you will be cleaning up as soon as things happen.

A clean home will make you healthier. Of course you know if you have allergies a dirty home can make you sick. Dirty food can make you sick. And much of it can just make you sick to your stomach.

A clean home will  put you at ease.  Think how happy you will be looking  around at your clean home. The fruits of your labors. You will be comfortable having people over instead of giving excuses for them to go away.

You probably can't wait to get started.

So here are your steps to a clean home

Schedule your house cleaning.

1. This is probably the most important step to keeping a clean home. Regularly scheduled cleaning times. It generally works to first break down what kinds of cleaning chores need to be done when or how often.

Here's an example…

1. Daily: Pick up things around the house  putting things away.  Wash dishes.  Wipe down counters and stove in kitchen. Make beds.

2. Weekly: Vacuum, mop floors, dust, clean bathrooms.

3. Monthly: Clean out fridge.  Vacuum sofa cushions.  Wash cat litter boxes.

You get the idea. Start a Homemaking Journal to keep this list in.

Don't overwhelm yourself.

2. Start small. A clean home will come even with small steps that seem to take forever. So take heart. If your daily home cleaning list is looking overwhelming that's okay. It just means you need to work on a little bit at a time and a clean home will come. Start with two things. Decluttering and the daily details. The daily details of a clean home are the following…

1. Make beds

2. Do dishes

3. Discard junk mail

4. Throw out garbage

5. Sweep kitchen floor

6. Tidy bathroom

7. Put back what you take out


Assess Your Home

3. For the long term take care of problem areas in your home so cleaning is easier. Two examples of house cleaning areas where people have problems are laundry and clutter Most people have problems getting them under control so here are some tips for those areas.

Is your laundry overwhelming? Do as many loads per day until it is under control. Grit your teeth if you dislike laundry. Wash, dry, fold, and put away each load as it is done. Think of it as a project. Once you're all caught up schedule how often you will be doing laundry it so it won't get out of control.  This will be based on family size and needs. For more on laundry read How Organized Is Your Laundry

If your home is drowning in clutter then it's time to address situation.  A decluttered home and clear surfaces are MUCH easier to clean. 5 Steps for Clutter Control.


4. Do you have children old enough to help with the cleaning? I'm not talking 15 or 16 year olds but a child even as young as 5 can help you pick up a room, set the table, separate the laundry, sweep, mop and dust.  Get the kids and the spouse involved. Make a chore chart.  A clean home should be everyone's priority.  Everyone helped make the mess and everyone should help in some way to clean it up or keep it clean.

Get Good Cleaning Products

Get cleaning products you like using and that do the job you need them to do.

Lately I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mrs. Meyer's Basil All Purpose Cleaner. Her cleaning products are nice and safe to use around the kids and they smell wonderful! The Basil is only one of the lovely scents and my personal favorite but Lavender is also a deliciously clean scent and lets you smile while you scrub.


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