What Items to Use to in Your Home for Autumn Decor

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Inspiration for Autumn Decor
photo: Autumn Harvest By gleangenie

When Fall comes around with it comes some great inspiration for home Autumn Decor.

With the change of seasons I often feel a little nudging to change the look of things in my home too.

Burlap lampshade. Rustic charm.

I love to make a few small changes for a big difference in the ambiance in my surroundings.

Autumn Themed Lampshades for Fall Ambiance in Your Decor

Changing the lampshades. Changing the lampshades in your home is a quick, easy way to change the mood. Lampshades can change the strength of your lightbulbs and a shade in a warm hue can help to give a soft glow to the rooms in your home.

Burlap ceiling lamp
This is a ceiling lamp like the kind you would put over your dining table.

Using Baskets in the Autumn Decor Around Your Home

Wicker picnic basket
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Baskets. Do you use baskets as decor in your home? I love wicker baskets! Especially in Fall and in Spring. They add that natural, rustic touch. I buy them at garage or estate sales. They are easy to scrub down and then leave out to dry. And they add a homey look to your living areas.

Wicker baskets come in all shapes and sizes. I have round, square, rectangular, short, and tall. My mother had a beautiful one that sat on legs in her living room. Somehow my sister got her hands on it. I love that basket.  Here’s one made out of seagrass with feet. You can line your baskets with fabric that you change out for the seasons. In Autumn creams, browns, oranges, even gold will warm up the area.

Now what to put in those baskets? Take a walk and pick up some pinecones and lovely autumn leaves. Use these to decorate the baskets in your entryway and dining table.

Spoftscaping Your Autumn Decor

Blankets, Throws and Throw Rugs make a nice statement in living rooms. Soft cozy blankets tossed across sofas can give an invitation to snuggle down.  Cozy throw rugs around the living room, dining room, and family room can change the whole look of your rooms.

Window Treatments. Heavier curtains will warm up your room in place of light summer gauzy ones. I love velvet curtains and found some great quality lined ones at Ballard Design.  While these can cost a lot you can also get them for a good price if you forgo custom. I completely changed the mood in our living room by buying insulated curtains off the rack.

Colors. Pull out your golds, creams, browns, oranges and tans. These colors spell “Autumn” so use them in your fall home decorating.

Slipcovers. Get a new sofa for a cheap price. Slipcovers are a fast and easy way to give your living room a makeover. Go for more luxurious cozy fabric finishes such as suede, brushed, and ribbed.

Put On the Finishing Touch With Autumn Scents

Autumn Scents are a great way to put that finishing touch on all your home decor. There are many options for scenting your home.

A natural way to scent your home is to simmer Autumn potpourri on the stove. Whole cloves, cinnamon sticks and orange peel will give your home that Poterry Barn scent.

Fall scents are ones such as apple, vanilla.

Use your imagination and use what is around you to add beautiful, cozy, autumn decor to your home.

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