July 2015 Garden Party Gardening Update

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Welcome back to another installment of the Garden Party featured on FinchnWren.com and here on Homemaking Organized.

Oy Vey! Oh woe is me! Oh why! Why! Why!

Those were the cries from my mouth a few days ago as I wandered through my garden. It’s seemed that nothing was going right and everything was going wrong.

This is our first gardening season in our new home and if it’s like past first gardening seasons in our dwelling places it’s always the roughest. But I was still upset. It seems you put a lot of moolah and energy into growing fresh veggies for your family and this is the thanks you get!

I’ve told my husband repeatedly that if we lived during the Pioneer Days and had to rely on my gardening abilities we would have starved.

Here’s a rundown of the negative that made me cry.

  • My blueberries dried up and then the next day they were all gone and there were bites out of each leaf. Now it’s crunchy and drying up.
  • My tomato plants got some kind of fungus. The stems are bubbling up or something that makes me shiver. 3 have stopped producing flowers. The fourth is still producing but I need to hurry up and toss the others.
  • My peppers aren’t flowering at all or if they do the flowers fall off and the ends seem to shrivel up.
  • I “think” my zucchini is okay but I’ve noted cucumber beetles in the area (where I also have cucumbers).
  • My supposedly hardy Swiss Chard has holes in it from I have no idea what.

It was enough to make me cry.

Then I started to think of the few positives from the garden…

  • We ate one zucchini.
  • We’ve had several onions in dishes.
  • We’ve had some Swiss Chard.
  • The tomato plant that is growing has provided yummy yellow tomatoes for some salads.
  • My herbs are doing well and I’m learning how to dry them.
  • My lemon trees have lots of lemons so hopefully they will stay on the trees and ripen.

Then I took a walk through the garden…


I found peppers! I thought my pepper plants were not fruiting. I had forgotten about my rogue potatoes. The Swiss Chard (although still suffering from something) looked like it had grown overnigth. There were cucumbers growing and my zucchini, which I thought was not going to fruit, had a lot of baby zucchini on it!

So even though I’ve had some setbacks I’ve also had some triumphs.

How does your garden grow?


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  1. Honey, I LOVE your positive attitude! You are a certified rock star. 🙂

    Thankful for the GOOD things you pointed out. And great pictures too. I’d have never thought of planting potatoes in a reusable shopping bag! 🙂

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