Organizing Your Home with a Weekly Schedule


Recently a friend asked me how be better organized with her days.

She felt like things were getting away from her. Like she was struggling to play catch up. She felt she either had to choose quality time with her family or the housekeeping chores that kept the family clothed, clean, and fed.

So she asked me for help.

Knowing my friend as well as I did I wasn't quite sure she was as disorganized as she felt. She homeschooled and cared for four children and a husband. She grew, canned, and preserved most of her own food. She had recently found a fun hobby of making jewelry. And she was constantly learning new things. My friend was wonder woman as far as I felt but she didn't feel like it.

So I wracked my brain real quick and realized the one thing that might help her was to start making use of a Weekly Homemaking Routine.

Instead of just doing housekeeping chores whenever a Weekly Routine keeps you on track with the things that should be done in your home each week. And because you have them on routine they become a habit that you don't have to think about.

My Weekly Homemaking Schedule

I was a homemaker long before I married. I lived with my mother and I loved to make our home a place of respite for her after her long work days and my hours at school and part time work.

I learned things along the way.

And one of the things I learned was that it helped to keep a list of things I wanted to accomplish each week in the home.

Basic Weekly Household Chores Schedule

Basic Weekly Household Chores are those basic things you do each week to keep your home kept up and your family members cared for.

Here is a sample of a Weekly Household Chores Schedule.

  • Monday – Clean Bathrooms, Wash Towels
  • Tuesday – Water Plants, Laundry Whites
  • Wednesday – Home Office, Errand Day
  • Thursday – Baking and Fill the Freezer Day
  • Friday – Vacuum, Laundry Bed Linens
  • Saturday – Mop Floors
  • Sunday – Day of Rest

This is just one example of the many ways you can schedule your week. This schedule worked for me for many years. And actually it still works.

Sometimes I have to shift things around but keeping to this

Start simply by managing your day.

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