Keeping Up with Jane. Setting Your Own Standard for a Clean Home

Keeping Up With Jane Setting Your Own Standard for a Clean Home


It's true that a lot of us tend to envy another person’s clean home or organizing methods.

But take a step back and think about it. Think about that other person's clean home.

Maybe this other person does not have as many children as you do.

Or maybe they don’t work outside of the home so they have more time to spend on cleaning chores.

Or maybe they do work outside the home and their kitchen isn’t constantly being ransacked.

Or maybe they have a cleaning company do the job.

Or maybe they have pets so they NEED to vacuum daily. Or maybe they don't have pets so they don't have to constantly vacuum…

The list goes on and the cleaning scenarios are endless.

So instead of comparing how we clean our homes to our neighbor’s let us do what we can to make our own homes the place of rest and comfort we need it to be (dirt is stressful).

Set Your Own Standards for a Clean and Organized Home.

If you truly admire what someone else has done with their home or are curious about how they keep so organized ask and find out what it is. But then only consider incorporating these great new ideas if it will not tax your energies or wallet.

And try to remember…

1. Set your own family standards as to what constitutes a clean and organized home Once you do this you will have guidelines in your own family as to how you want your home to look and feel. Be realistic here.

2. Once you know how clean you want your home to be take action.  Make note of how often something needs to be cleaned. The kitchen and bathroom are those unavoidable areas so go on and get them on the list and plug through them once a week.  Some may dig in the grout more than others but at least get a good wipe down weekly.

3. Make a weekly chore chart of these cleaning details, even if it is just for yourself, and post it where you’ll see it.

4. Don't beat yourself up because your cleaning list is not as long as someone else's. Be thankful.

5. And finally if you really want to upgrade your cleaning style pick up a book that can walk you from mess to rest.

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