Keeping Up With Your Daily Homekeeping Chores

Keeping Up With Daily Homekeeping Chores - Homemaking Organized

Do you have a daily homekeeping challenging chore or two?

A challenging chore is something in the home that needs taking care of that you just can’t seem to get a handle on.  Or that your REALLY dislike doing so it makes it that much harder to get it done.

Keeping Up With Daily Homekeeping Chores - Homemaking Organized

It's a chore that you save for last in your day and then deliberately run out of time just to put it off saying you’ll do it tomorrow.

Maybe it is something that seems to take a long time to get done, or it involves a lot of steps to finish. You can’t find the time to get it completed in a 24 hour day so why bother.

So instead of figuring out a better way to get it done again you put it off saying you’ll do it tomorrow or it can really wait until “it” builds up. Whatever “it” is.

Hoo boy! I know and understand. I do it. A lot of us do. But now you want to get it done. You need to get it done. It's wearing on you that this cleaning chore just needs to happen and you can't hold back anymore.

Here are a few tips that just may help you find the time and the motivation to conquer that pesky homekeeping challenging chore!

Schedule that Chore: Hopefully you have some sort of homekeeping routine in order but I totally understand if you don't. It's not easy to make one and any life or situation change can really mess it up.

I've tried to keep the same housekeeping schedule in different homes and it just doesn't work. You just have to make a new one for a new situation. If you need help with that… A time or times during the day when you do specific household things. I make beds and do a load of laundry after breakfast. Things like that.

Pinpoint a good time in your day when you can work on this challenge of yours. Maybe at this time you will be less stressed. The house will be quiet. The kids will be at school. After dinner. Or whenever.

Laundry was my own homekeeping challenging chore that was a big challenge. I really don’t like it. I would put it off. I also would always have little bits and pieces of laundry that didn’t belong to any particular load and I would never get around to them.

This was how I went about tackling my own homekeeping chore.

Beautify: Make your homekeeping challenging chores attractive. I’m going to use the example of the laundry again. Cleaning up the laundry room. Posting cute signs. Putting laundry supplies in cute containers. Using linen water to add lovely scents to the laundry. Buy or create some cute containers to hold your laundry products. My motto is “Homemaking is infinitely easier when it’s done with beauty and grace.”

Notate: Second is to write down your chores. Put the steps to complete your homekeeping chore to paper. Until you master it a paper all it’s own is best. Since this won’t be tackled overnight you might want to type it up and make it look nice. List the steps like in the example below.

  • Night before: Sort clothes
  • Morning: Put a load in the washer.
  • Late Morning: Transfer load to the dryer, add a new load to the washer.
  • After Lunch: Transfer load to the dryer. Add a new load to the washer. Fold clothes and deposit in each bedroom
  • Early Evening: If I’m feeling extra industrious I’ll start a new load and dry after dinner. Folding right before bedtime.

Master: Now comes the work. Focus on accomplishing the steps of your challenging chore for 21 days. Check off on a calendar each time you do your dreaded task. It takes 21 days to make something a habit. You know something you do without really thinking about it.

Revisit: After the 21 days take stock of if your new schedule and layout is working for you. Are you getting your homekeeping challenge chore done? If not revamp, rework and try again.

Hopefully your challenge will no longer be a blight on your day.

Need more help in this area? Check out our Chore Housekeeping Box. It's cute!


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