Low Cost Ways to Give Your Living Room New Life – Re-Decorate

living room frugal decorating

Some days you look at your living room and just want to breathe new life into it right?

It's boring, maybe dark, and dull, and you're ready to give it an overhaul.

How can update your living room without spending a mint?

Anybody would love a new look for their living room but new furniture and windows furnishings can cost a lot money. It's a major purchase and maybe one you're not ready to make. But you would still like to breathe new life into your tired dull living room.

My sister used to joke that I moved my furniture around weekly. It was such an easy way to give my living room an update.

If you're looking for a new living room look but lack the funds to go all out here are a few ideas to help you redesign your living room without dipping into valuable resources. I think we can call this frugal decorating.

  1. Change the Color in your living room: One of the cheapest changes you can make in a room is to paint it. If you've watched any home decorating shows you know that painting one wall in a room a dramatic color, called and accent wall, can make a big difference. And if you don't like it? You can always paint it back.
  2. Update the furniture for less: Try  slip covers for an easy update that you can change in a hurry. Or make your own slip covers. With the right fabric you can update your living room for pennies…okay dollars.
  3. Use what you have to redecorate in an eclectic style: Not having the big bucks to purchase a complete living room ensemble we collect and bargain through the years to put together a more unique look.  If this is what you have to work with check out Apartment Therapy's collection of chic eclectic living rooms to give you some ideas.
  4. Just move stuff around: Simple. Just move your furniture into a different arrangement. Maybe your couch has been against the wall for a while. What if you moved it to the other side of the room facing the window instead. Maybe take some furniture out gather some pieces from another room to add to the living room.
  5. Paint it: Don’t make a drastic change to the wood furniture in your living room. If you want a color accent piece pick up one at a garage sale or second hand store and paint it in the accent color.
  6. No sew pillow covers: Instead of buying new throw pillows sew or tie on fabric to your existing pillows. That way you can change when you feel like it.

Whatever low cost idea you use for decorating your living room remember you can always change it back.



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