Mail Management: Organize Your Mail

Does this happen to you? Organize your mail sorting session and make sure to deal with it each day.


1. You’ve probably already heard this before but toss that junk mail as you come in the door. Recycle the stuff without your personal names and information on it and then cut out your personal information out of the catalogues and other stuff that could be classified as junk. I keep a pair of scissors on my little office desk just for this.

2. Open the bills that came in the mail and check the due date. Write the date in red on the envelope and then note the date on whatever calendar you regularly use.

3. Set the mail going to other individuals in your home in their special places (a folder on the person’s desk, under their pillow, on a front hall table or other such designated place).

4. For other notices that need to be filed open them and recycle unimportant inserts and the envelope and set in the inbox to be filed.
5. Catalogues. They can be junk but sometimes you are waiting for one. For the ones you want have a special place you stack them to be looked at. I set them on my desk and go through them recycling as soon as I’m done.



6. Magazines: Hey some of these are keepers but they can overtake your home. I don't always cut out articles and such from magazines but if I do then I send them on to recycle. For ones in tact you can…


7.Make some money selling them on ebay. I have paid for older magazines (Good Housekeeping, Victoria).

8.Pass on the ones you no longer need to a hospital, second hand store, or another agency that can make use them.




Mail Tools

Set up a mail organizing center. A small box with the necessities to deal with your daily mail.

  • Letter Opener
  • Red Pen
  • Small desktop sorting box
  • Inbox for papers that are going to be filed
  • Recycling box, bag or what have you

Mail With Style

Sometimes a cute organizer can make all the difference in the world as to how you handle a task.

Wall Mail Organizer

Mail Sorter with Door Entry Key Organizer

5 Section Mail Sorter

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