Make Your Own Reusable Swiffer/Pledge Duster Refill


A couple of years ago I got this big lovely package in the mail from Right at Home. Inside were cleaning supplies in a nice big white cleaning caddy. I was in love!

One of the items included was a Pledge brand duster. You know like the Swiffer ones. I went right to work using it to tidy up my badly neglected blinds. It works really well for this and even better if you spray it first with Pledge or something.

So I happily used my Pledge sprayed duster to clean up the blinds but then it was all icky and I knew I needed to get a refill. As I was in the slow process (I looked for them if I happened to be in the store) of searching for refills I looked online to find out if any experimenting soul had tried rewashing these. Instead I landed on etsy where people were selling handmade felt or knit reusable Pledge/Swiffer refills. The thought intrigued me and I was just about to whip out my credit card (I’m quick to pay for a cleaning product) when I noticed that a lot of the ones I liked were all made out of felt.

Well still having a ton of felt from my daughter’s birthday presents (she says her house needs stairs, and a chimney) I thought it would befit me to see if I couldn’t use the badly neglected sewing machine in our home and do some of this myself.

So I did! You can see the picture up top there before I tossed it in the wash to beat up some. The instructions were via Sew Much Ado (thank you to her great instructions) where she used flannel instead of felt. I don’t have any flannel need to get some so I can have that great shabby chic look she has going on.

The only thing is now my daughter has claimed the duster as her own and I don’t get to use it much.

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