Managing Your Home During the Homeschool Days

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If anyone would have asked me years ago how I plan to keep on top of my home while homeschooling I would have laughed in their face (nicely) and said that keeping the home has never been a problem for me and it will be a piece of cake to continue on as before…

I mean c’mon! Homemaking Organized?! I got this in the bag!


Keeping up with my home was actually easier when my daughter was little. Before school started. I had a nice schedule going and I really got things done.

Fast forward to now. She’s about to enter the 6th grade and I find it a little harder to find time in my day to keep home like I used to.

I can’t really explain it or why things don’t come together like they used to but it’s a refrain I hear from other homeschooling moms so I know I’m not alone.

This last year I’ve slowly been doing something I should have done a few years ago.

Keeping home while homeschooling requires a new train of thought but the biggest help I have found is to include the kids!

Assign age appropriate chores

Now I only have the one daughter but I imaging this would work just as well if not better with more children.

For perfectionists this is hard but as your child ages they really should be pitching in around the house.

At this age my daughter is old enough to do several chores that can help to ease my burden. Here they are….

  • Setting the table
  • Clearing and washing off the table after dinner
  • Helping with dinner prep
  • Sweeping the floor
  • Doing her laundry and putting away clean clothes
  • Cleaning her bathroom (I’m squeemish so I clean the toilet)
  • Collect Recycling
  • Carry things from grocery shopping
  • Helping with gardening as long as she doesn’t get sidetracked by the frogs.

Having her do these things is a big help to me and to the household. It also lets her know she’s an important part of the household and as such should be contributing to it’s upkeep.

I’ve found that incorporating chores into our day helps to keep on top of things. It’s not perfect but it does help.

Some other things that help are Menu Planning, Having a Cleaning Schedule, and Regular Decluttering.

And if I’m really out of sorts I’ll use a free day (we school 4 days a week) and tackle a problem area. Or wait until we’re on break.

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