Menu Plan Monday for January 19 , 2015

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It was a busy week again last week. We’ve been having some work done in the home so that meant doors and windows open and the Sweet Peanut and I vacating the premises until work is finished!

Still we were able to get in some good meals and I used the crockpot for another great pork dish.

This past week I also swapped out my usual Saturday spaghetti night for another favorite, Jude’s Chicken Julienne. This easy to make tasty chicken dish really hits the spot with comforting goodness and a tangy sauce you want to drink with a straw (okay maybe that’s just my family).

The original Jude’s Chicken Julienne recipe uses sherry and being temperance household we don’t keep that around. Instead I substituted some juice with a splash of vinegar for the tang.

We recently received some coupons to try *Harvestland Chicken and I thought it would a great idea to use this chicken to complete the dish.HARV-logo

With a growing daughter I really try to use only organic meats and dairy in our meals. I’m doing my best to steer clear of extra hormones in her body and mine too in fact! I’ve learned that Harvestland chickens are raised on family farms adhering to strict USDA Process Verified programs. The chickens are raised cage free and never given anti-biotics.

Harvestland also has a bigger product line that includes Pork, Turkey, frozen, and deli meats too in case you’re interested.

You can find Harvestland products several places nationwide but in our neck of the woods these meats are found at Thriftway and Walmart.

The dish I chose to recreate uses chicken drumsticks. I always find chicken drumsticks hard to deal with in a meal. I sometimes feel like there is not enough meat on them for the men in the family and that very few dishes look great with just drumsticks. Not so Jude’s Chicken Italienne recreated by Matt Preston, restaurant critic and Masterchef Australia judge.

HARV-product-shotI used two packages of Harvestland Organic Chicken Drumsticks to create this dish for my hefty appetite having family of three. The chicken smelled fresh and looked great!

If you want to know more about Harvestland Products you can connect with them on their website at and to find out which stores in your neck of the woods carry Harvestland products here’s a link for that.

The dish turned out delish!

Menu for this Week

Monday: Leftover Jude’s Chicken Italienne (see recipe below)

Tuesday: Leftover Meatloaf

Wednesday: Hamburgers and Fries (sssshhhhh)

Thursday: Soup Day

Friday: Quesadilla Day



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