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Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend. Last week I talked about changing up the way I ate to get some weight loss happening here. Well I’m happy to say it’s still working. This method is slow and steady wins the race and also hopefully something I can keep doing instead of just finishing and then probably gaining the weight back.

One thing I focused on this past week was getting a handle on what I was eating during the day so I didn’t gorge come dinner time.

It’s really easy to do this in the summertime when fresh garden produce is so prolific. Our garden is really starting to take off. We are able to eat peas, spring onions, and swiss chard from the garden now. So good. And grapes are in abundance at the store along with other fresh fruits. This has made it easy for me to pull together healthy snacks for the whole family.

Healthy Snack Foods That Will Satisfy Food Cravings

Part of the “diet” or eating plan I am on has me eating several small meals a day and getting in more protein than I am used to. Normally I wait until I’m starving and then grab the first thing I see rationalizing that since I skipped breakfast I’m eating less and will therefore lose weight.

10+ pounds later that obviously wasn’t working. What seems to be working is this new approach and making sure foods were around during my meal times is important.

My daughter loves all the different foods. Rather than eating full on meals these are more like little snacks but with a healthy emphasis. She’s joining me and so is my husband because these aren’t necessarily diet foods just healthy foods that I eat in small portions.

1. Whole Grain Snacks

My daughter’s favorite has been peanut butter and jelly. Now this is sometimes what I’ll eat for lunch. It’s easy to prepare and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter keep me full a long while.  Whole grain snacks are a great source of fiber and are rich in vitamins and minerals they also digest slowly.

2. Fruits and Vegetables

This is what I try to eat the most of. Veggies with hummus or fruit and cheese or yogurt. Fruits and veggies are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Here’s a fruit tip. Spread a thin layer of peanut butter on two apple slices, layer on sliced bananas and then sprinkle on a few blueberries for a healthy snack that’s really low in calories.

Vegetables are also naturally low in calories so you can eat a large serving for less than 100 calories. They satisfy your need for something crunchy and are a healthy alternative to junk food. Cut up a few carrots, celery stalks, bell peppers, and broccoli. Dipping veggies in a low-cal dip, such as salsa or hummus, is also a great snack option. Just watch how many calories you’re ingesting because it’s REALLY easy to get carried away.

3. Protein

The plan I’m using instructs for eating a bit of protein at each meal. Protein-rich foods are a very satisfying snack choice. Like fiber-rich snacks, they’re filling and digest slowly. High protein snacks help keep blood sugar levels manageable and give you energy. Some protein-rich snack options are unsalted mixed nuts which we picked up at Costco, and seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin; cottage cheese;  whole grain bean burritos; honey Greek yogurt topped with frozen raspberries and blackberries.

5. Soup

My daughter loves soup for her lunch. She asks me for noodle soup with a great broth a couple of times a week. Soups work well as a meal or as a snack option and can be made easily using vegetable broth, seasonings of your choice and frozen vegetables -just simmer until the veggies are nice and tender. A very healthy (and heart friendly) snack.

Proper nutrition is vital to maintain a healthy mind and a healthy body. All it takes is a look on the back of a package to see the nutritional information on what you’re about to put in your body. Treat yourself to a healthy snack. If you have a hectic schedule, it’s even more important to eat healthy foods that give you the fuel you need to keep going.

Snacking on nutritious food keeps your energy level up and your mind from wandering because it needs food. So true

Now here’s what’s for dinner this week…
Monday: Leftover Barbecue Chicken with Potato Salad

Tuesday: Smoked Salmon Pasta toss

Wednesday: Beef Stir Fry

Thursday: Baked Chicken Cassoulet

Friday: Turkey Quesadillas


What’s on your menu?

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