Menu Planning for Monday January 12, 2014

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Happy Monday! Okay I don’t feel as chipper as I sound. It was a rough week last week with sniffles and all. I tend to get sinus issues around the fall/winter and this season I didn’t get any relief.

My sister suggests [simpleazon-link asin=”B000H7QVFY” locale=”us”]Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids[/simpleazon-link] . Apparently my nephew used to get stuffed up every fall also and they started that vitamin with great success. Once when he ran out he got stuffed up again so she’s attributing it specifically to the bioflavonoid version of Vitamin C. So I may give that a go. That and my nasal wash.

Last week we had lots of leftovers and some really easy meals. Hot dogs one day and then hamburgers another graced my table. My family was in shock but not complaining. We talk about the ills of hotdogs a lot among my mommy friends and then I caved and got some so I could have an easy dinner. Does it count that I got Applegate organic ones? Is there even such a thing? Oh well. We’re still living so I’m going to give myself a pass.

This week I’m starting off with some soup in the crockpot. Interestingly my family requested this. I’m making split pea soup. It could be after watching Jenn in our Homemaking DVDs we were inspired to make some. I used to make split pea soup A LOT when we were first married. So much so that my husband asked me stop making it for a while. We’ve been married 17 years so I suppose I can bring it back out again. Don’tcha think?

Monday – Split Pea Soup

Tuesday – Chicken Stir Fry

Wednesday – Skillet Mac

Thursday – Soup and Sandwiches

Friday – Ground Beef/Turkey Mix Quesadillas



What’s on your menu?

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