Monday Menu Plan February 15, 2015

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Happy Monday!

How were your dinners last week? And what meals do you have planned for this week’s meals?

Last week we ended up eating a lot of leftovers on days when I was actually planning to cook. That’s kind of frugal and now I can move those meals over to this week.

We started off the week with meatloaf which is always a family pleaser. I actually hadn’t made it in a while so I made two and put one in the freezer. I’ve been adding a bit of milk to my meatloaves lately. It’s makes them more tender. Gives the oatmeal something to suck the liquid out of so the meatloaf is not too dry.

I also made my favorite, chicken curry Thai style (that’s a pic of it above). But I think I added too much coconut milk. At least for me. I usually only add a half a can of coconut milk but this time I added the whole can. For me this was too much milk and gave it less of the savoury stew flavor and a more creamy taste (that I did not want). My husband though enjoyed it very much. Oy vey!

This is what I have happening this week…

Monday: Leftover Flank Steak

Tuesday: Baked Salmon

Wednesday: Hot Dogs (I got some sauerkraut I want to try)

Thursday: Split Pea Soup

Friday: Ground Beef Quesadillas


What’s on your menu?

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