Monthly Pepper Box Subscription Hot Sauces Review


So a few months ago I introduced you to a, new to me, monthly subscription plan. The Monthly Pepper Box.

The Skinny

The Monthly Pepper Subscription Box supplies 3 full size samples of artisan pepper sauces to your door each month. Each shipment contains a range of hotness.

The boxes ship out on the 15th of each month and arrive at your door nestled in a cardboard box.

The subscription is $20 a month but if you check the bottom of this post you’ll find a code to save on your first shipping.

Our Delivery

Well we got our first box and it was a tasty one.

We received three 5 ounce glass bottles of Artisan Pepper Sauces from 2 different companies.

Minorcan Gold: A mild hot sauce.

Minorcan Ghost: A hotter sauce.

Flamingo Fire: A Sweet mild hot sauce.

We weren’t sure what to expect with these sauces. My husband generally puts his sauces on whatever meal we are eating. Initially he just sprinkled each sauce on tortilla chips to get a feel for their flavor. Our daughter joined in but found these sauces a bit too much for her delicate taste buds.

Ten Ways to Use Hot Sauces

There are a lot of things you can do with hot sauces by the way.

Just check out this list….

  1. Sprinkle on scrambled eggs
  2. Mix into mayonnaise for a special touch on your next sandwich
  3. Spice up your marinade for your beef or chicken
  4. Splash on your veggie dish
  5. Add to your favorite stir fry
  6. Simply eat with your favorite snack chips
  7. Mix into your weekly tacos
  8. Dash on fried chicken, oven fried included
  9. Mix into tartar sauce, yumm
  10. Spicy french fries

Really you can use hot sauce on most anything. Especially if it’s usually a plain dish such as potatoes, rice, steamed vegetables etc.

Monthly Pepper Box. is like having a miniature hot sauce festival delivered to your door every month.
This makes the perfect gift for the hot sauce lover in your life.

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