Extra Credit: Deep Cleaning the Bathroom

extra credit bathroom cleaning

Even though you probably give your bathroom a regular cleaning once a week or so, touching up some extra spots in this oft used room during the Spring can give your bathroom an all new sparkle. We'll call this “Extra Credit Deep Cleaning”.

Pick and choose what you wish to tackle from this list. Save the rest for later.

  • Start with decluttering your bathroom. This is big. How often do you declutter? Yeah, not enough. You could probably stand to declutter your bathroom once a month. I know I could. Get out those items that don’t belong there. Delcutter the medicine cabinet, cupboards, and countertops.
  • Contain often used bath and beauty products in little baskets to keep the clutter to a dull roar.  I like the look of tiered baskets. A lot of storage space but doesn't take a lot of real estate.
  • Refresh your shower curtain by washing it or replacing it for a totally new look.
  • Now do something that is rarely done. Wash the walls! Eeekkk! (If mildew is a problem in your bathroom try washing the walls with a weak 1:5 bleach solution. 1 being the bleach and 5 being water. Test on an inconspicuous spot first.) This can go very quickly so don't stress over it.
  • If you have windows in your bathroom clean them and the window sills. In fact work in this order. Declutter the window sill first if necessary. Dust any blinds or maybe change or wash the curtains. Now clean the window itself.
  • Now let’s clean up that tub and shower. Surely you've already been cleaning it regularly but how about going around the faucets and shower door tracks with a toothbrush set aside for just such a chore? It's icky and can be time consuming but if you keep it up regularly it is much less work in the long run.
  • Since the sinks are already clean too let's just scrub around the faucets with a toothbrush.

Save yourself the headache and use a hand held steam cleaner to get those icky nooks and crannies in the bathroom. I highly recommend it.

  • Next it’s time to clean up the toilet. Do you deep clean your toilet regularly? I mean wipe in and around the edge icky bowl each time you clean (sorry I wear gloves and the whole thing when I clean the toilet)? If you usually only clean the bowl let's give the rest of the toilet a little tlc. Start by spraying down your toilet with disinfectant. Start with all the lids up and spray the rim, under the seat, on top of the seat, under the lid, on top of the lid, the back of the toilet, and down around the base. Let it sit a few minutes then starting with the top of the toilet wipe it all up. I usually go through three cleaning cloths for this. When you get to the base wipe good and around it. Use an old toothbrush (a different one than that you used to clean the sink and tub faucets) to clean the hinges and wipe them up. Flush the toilet.
  • Finally it’s time for the floor. Well this is extra credit so your floor is already clean. Instead dust or wipe your baseboards! Get under those bathroom counters too. Who ever thinks to look there? Okay yeah me.

Since you did all this hard work maybe add some new towels and a bright throw rug to brighten your newly spring cleaned bathroom.

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Tips for Deep Cleaning your the bathrooms in your home. - Homemaking Organized

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