Moving Somewhere New. Setting up Your New Home

  • Before you move in see if you can get a floor plan of your new dwelling place. This will help you to map out the location of your belongings in your new home before you actually move in.
  • If you can get measurements for your new home even better, then you will know if a couch can fit against said wall, how a bookshelf can go in a corner etc.
  • If you have some new ideas for items you would like to add such as bookshelves, couches, tables etc. Wait until you have moved all of your old stuff in. See how it looks so you can be sure you get the right pieces.
  • Set up notebook just for your moving to-do and such and jot your ideas down in this notebook. Use a new page for each room. Even if you don’t get to those ideas when you first move in as you get comfortable you will have the notebook and know what you are looking for to make your house a home.
  • When decorating consider making stations in each room and putting things at an angle instead of flush against a wall. This can add interest and style to any room. Conversation stations in your living room such as a couch and a comfy chair at an angle facing each other. A bookshelf in the corner at an angle. An area rug to bring it all together. Check out books such as Use What You Have Decorating  for some great ideas here.
  • If someone asks you what they can get you for a house warming present don’t be shy. Don’t give the big ticket items like a bedroom set but let them know you would like some nice plants, bathroom towels, soap (my favorite), or new storage containers for the kitchen. Things like these are inexpensive and if someone is asking then they really want to know and help. Moving is a big expense.
  • Plants are lovely and can make a big difference. If you are concerned about a corner not having enough light get a fake plant. They can look nice too. If you have pets or kids that might get into them trying hanging some of your plants and having family or friends babysit the other ones until your children have outgrown the tasting plants stage.
  • Grow some lavender. It grow so well with little care and can be used for so many things including adding fragrance to your home. Add a small lavender plant to your front area and watch it thrive!
  • Keep your new home looking lovely. Clean it regularly and if you have special surfaces calling for special care take keep that in mind to keep it looking nice. One of the nice things about moving somewhere new is you can start cleaning with a clean slate. It's makes setting up and keeping a cleaning routine much easier.

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