Natural Shoe Care for Leather Shoes

lovely leather shoes
My daughter recently grew into a pair of white patent leather shoes that were a gift (she does not care for the After Labor Day rule). Cute little shoes that they are after a day’s wearing her cute little shoes were covered with ugly black scuffs. Nobody wants to walk around with unsightly marks on their pretty shoes least of all a growing fashionista. So mom to the rescue. Heres how I solved that little issue with some shoe care tips. 

Daily Care:

At the end of the work day wipe down your nice shoes with a cloth or a brush.  Let them air for a few hours before putting them away. If your shoes are suede use a suede brush to buff up the nap and remove surface dirt on them.

Long Term Care:

When you first get your shoes take them to your local shoe peddler (you have one don’t you) after a few wearings and have them put a more durable sole on them. Check them regularly for wear and have the heel lifts replaced before the damage gets to the heel itself. 


If your shoes get soaked stuff them with newspapers and let them air dry but not near a heat source that can dry them out and make them crack. 

Shining Shoes:

1. Mix 1 tablespoon olive oil with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Apply to shoes with a soft cloth and rub in well. Follow with a dry cloth. The lemon juice helps clean the leather as well.

2. Apply coconut oil to your shoes with a soft cloth, rub in well, and buff with a dry cloth.

  • Petroleum jelly is said to be good at preventing leather from cracking. Rub it in and buff.
  • You can also buff patent leather shoes with a little (and I do mean little) dab of petroleum jelly to bring out a shine and keep them from sticking to each other as you go about your day.
  • Use an eraser to remove dirt and oil from a suede shoe. And to buff it back up.

Deodorizing Shoes:

Make a homemade foot powder using 1 part baking soda, 2 parts cornstarch, and the essential oil of your choice (2-4 drops per cup of powder). Peppermint and lavender are lovely scents that also help to kill germs. Shake thoroughly and dust on your feet before wearing your shoes. 

Mix 1 cup of rubbing alcohol with 4 drops grapefruit seed extract and 2-4 drops of your favorite essential oil. Spray this inside your shoes each time you take them off, but don’t oversaturate, and before putting them away at night. This is a good anti-fungal, drying-out spritz that smells great.

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