On the Kitchen Counter October 31, 2016

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Happy Monday! We’re back in the kitchen this week with a nice freezer full of delicious dinners!

If you didn’t get to participate in last week’s Make One Freeze One Freezer Challenge with MyFreezEasy then never fear!

The page is still up and Erin is inviting you to grab a menu and fill your freezer!

If Freezer Cooking has ever seemed overwhelming to you this is the plan to try!

In a nutshell Erin does everything but buy the ingredients and cook the meal for you.

If you do partake of the Make One Freeze One Freezer Challenge you’ll see why I love it so much. It’s easy and the recipes are delicious! We had the Honey Sesame Chicken on Saturday.

I’m excited to see what new recipes Erin will have in the database on November 1st. Did I mention she sends us gifts every so often? I have these great silicone spatulas she sent me. I love them! I was in the market for some so these came just in time. I use them more than any other utensil in my kitchen.

This coming week I’m hoping to make some bread. I want to use my regular Whole Wheat Bread recipe from my Amish Cookbook. It’s really good and makes several loaves at once. It’s also really easy (see below).


But I’m also taking a Sourdough Class via Udemy. That has brought up so many possibilities. Truthfully I’m anxious to get to the part about Sourdough Cakes. I don’t think I knew you could make cake from sourdough.

I’ve got a 70% off coupon for you for Udemy if you’re interested in taking one of their classes. Here’s the code and the link.

Here’s what’s on the menu for this coming week.

My Weekly Menu Plan:

Monday: Spaghetti Squash and Catfish

Tuesday: Homemade Shake and Bake Chicken

Wednesday: Hawaiian Meatloaf (a MyFreezEasy Favorite)

Thursday: Sloppy Joes and Salad

Friday: Black Bean Oven Nachos (another MyFreezEasy Favorite)

What’s on your menu?

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