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I can almost remember back when I picked up my first book teaching Christian Homemaking skills. That author just touched something in my soul and I knew that this was what I envisioned for my future life.

I’m sorry…well I can’t really apologize. I was called an old soul by coworkers and given strange looks by my sister. Even recently my daughter looked at me and said, “It just dawned me that you are old fashioned.” Yup! Homemaking is something I love and has been a part of me since the beginning of 3rd grade. Defining moment I say.

When I was a youngish newlywed I picked up a used copy of this book by Emilie Barnes and a whole new world was opened for me! There were people like me! And they wrote books!

That’s how I feel about My Homemaking Mentor’s hub for Christian Homemaking Skills.

Years ago when I first started blogging I thought wouldn’t it be nice if someone created an online school for learning the skills for caring for home for the Christian woman. A few years later young Jamie Balmet from Finding Joy in Your Home, did just that. Several years have passed and she’s now a mother of…I think 6 right now and she has not lost her joy for this topic in the least. In fact it’s just gotten stronger and this online hub has gotten bigger and better! By the way did I mention you get lifetime access?

I love being at home and making home a lovely place.

I get it’s not for everybody but if it’s up your alley, even if you’re not where you want to be…well especially if you’re not where you want to be, read on.

Enrollment now open for My Homemaking Mentor Christian Homemaking Skills hub

I’ve seen a few Christian Homemaking Hubs come and go in my years online. One I tried to join just as the doors closed and I haven’t really seen anything similar since.

I picked up a few Homemaking videos and found they really encouraged me.

It wasn’t that I didn’t know all the things the lovely lady in the videos was passing on to me. It was that her soothing voice, simple encouragement, and Biblical reminders inspired not only me but my daughter who happened to be hanging around.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more of that?

My Homemaking Mentor’s Online Training Academy for learning Christian Homemaking Skills gives more of that.

I’ve been partaking of this online community for the last couple of years and really love having this resource!

There are 21+(more being added all the time) Homemaking Courses encompassing 50+ video lessons.  12+ (more coming) mentors offering encouragement and motivation for your daily homemaking trials and triumphs. I think you’ll enjoy realizing the purpose behind what you do.

Another recent addition are Live Masterclasses touching on various topics.

Joy in Homemaking

Find Homemaking Mentors Online. A hub of Titus 2 Women with over 16 courses to help you with Christian Homemaking Skills - Homemaking Organized

There are sweet videos of lessons offering encouragement to help you accomplish…

  • Healthy Homemaking
  • Simple Household Routines and Keeping Order
  • Hospitality
  • Marriage helps
  • Modesty tips
  • and more

In each course, you’ll find several, easy to follow, lessons. Some come with bonus printables. You’ll be able to quickly see how far you’ve progressed in any lesson and keep track of what you’ve completed.

Try a couple of samples….

If you like what you saw and think you want to sign up My Homemaking Mentor’s Online Academy is on sale right now!

Sign up for My Homemaking Mentor’s Online Academy here.

Christian Homemaking SKill Courses inside My Homemaking Mentor

  • The Basics of Your Homemaking Mentor
  • Learning to Live Intentionally
  • A Wife Who Cultivates a Fulfilling Marriage
  • Simple Routines to Keep Your Home in Order
  • Modesty, Grace, and a Minimal Wardrobe
  • How to Cultivate Mentorship in Your Life
  • A Heart for Hospitality
  • 100 Ways to Love Your Husband
  • An Intro to a Healthy Home
  • Spiritual Disciplines for Busy Homemakers
  • Encouragement for Weary Moms
  • Meal Planning Bootcamp
  • A Simple Guide to Housekeeping
  • Homemaker’s Guide to Social Media
  • Tidy Routines for Moms with Small Children
  • Essential Ingredients of a Thriving Home
  • Homeschooling on a Budget
  • Chronic Homemaking
  • 10 Women of Faith
  • New! My Homeschooling Mentor
  • and more on the horizon such as Intentional Traditions for your Family and Budgeting for Real Life
What if you had a hub to learn Christian Homemaking Skills? - Homemaking Organized

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