Organize Your Gift Giving


In my home don't celebrate Jesus Christ's birth with gift giving but the Christmas season seems to be the best time to pick up those gifts we

First: Keep a list of people you would like to give a gifts to throughout the year. This list can include immediate and extended family, friends, maybe teachers and clergy. Decide what kinds of things will make a good gift for each person. Think about their likes. Their hobbies or some things they may have shared with you or you observed. Add this to your list also

Second: Decide now how much you will spend on the gifts.  This will give you a good idea of how much money you’ll be spending on gifts through the year. If you can, set that money aside so it won’t be used on other things.

Third: Keep your gift list in your purse or planner. As you go shopping if you see good deals on items purchase them.

Fourth: Keep a gift box at home. I learned this idea from Emilie Barnes and it has served me well. Keep a box labeled ‘Gift”. Any time you purchase a gift or an item that could be a gift put it in the box. If you purchase a special for sometime put a sticky with their name on that gift and when the time comes you’ll have a gift ready to go.

Fifth: Next keep supplies on hand to wrap those gifts. Get wrapping paper, tape on sale and keep them together in a bag or box near the gift box.

Tips: A good time to pick up very low cost items is after the holidays. Pick up all kinds of gift items for deep discount. You can be ahead of the game and ready the next time an important occasion rolls around.
If the gift you want to purchase for someone is the latest electrical gadget, or a new items that just came out then this type of gift collecting will probably not work. Instead save those funds aside so that when it is time to purchase that special gift it will be available.

Organized Gift Giving


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