Organizing Clothing Storage for Back to School – Week 27 34 Weeks of Clean

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Right now I’m not thinking of Back to School or even Back to School clothing.

We’re still doing some math exercises this summer. But clothing storage is always on my mind.

This past week, in 34 Weeks of Clean (hosted by Michele over at Family, Faith, and Fridays) it’s time to go through the Clothing Storage. This is just in time for the Back to School frenzy which seems to be happening now.

I have clothing storage for myself, my husband, our daughter, and even some bins from when she was little and some boys stuff from when we were foster parents. The smaller stuff from when she was little and the foster kid stuff is rather organized and in fire proof bins in the garage. For this post we’re just going to focus on the growing child’s stuff (our daughter).

Children grow fast and it can be rather expensive to keep them in well fitting clothing, even if you do sew (which I do sort of).

What I have been doing since my daughter was a teeny tiny baby was buying her clothes in advance.

Once when she was a baby I bought a couple of years in advance because JCPenney was having such a fabulous sale! I’m talking $1 for tops and bottoms etc. I also got some $.25 undergarments for when she hit the pre-teen stage (yup I still have em).

As far as clothing styles go we’re a classic family so I don’t buy trendy things. That means her clothes are always in style. It’s hard to find truly classic styles and most clothiers like to slip in trends to what should be normal clothes but I do my best.

These days I tend to buy about 2 seasons ahead. So for the clothes she will probably be fitting this fall/winter I purchased them at an outlet in early spring this past year. I also get her feedback on most things because she does have definite ideas of what she does and doesn’t like.

I keep the clothing she will be fitting into in her room in her closet in some Ikea bins. We rifle through it at every growth spurt.

I also make a printout of this Clothing Inventory so I know what to keep my eyes peeled for. I always buy her stuff on sale. I can’t abide buying something she will grow out of in 6months and paying full price for it.

As far as shoes I can’t buy like I do for clothes so I just keep a good eye out for deals. I did buy some summer sandals at Land’s End for $3 once but they are way too big and I may have to give them away if her foot never reaches that size (yes this is a risk). I wasn’t thinking clearly when I did that.

So here are our bins.

Some summer clothes in a size larger than she wears now.
The clothing bins.
Fall/Winter 2015

My Go To Kids Stores


The Children’s Place

Osh Kosh

Land’s End

My daughter has informed me that when she’s older all her clothes will come from J Jill. That’s because that’s where mommy shops. I like the simple styles and, as I do for my daughter, I shop during the off season.  I do miss the days when their clothes had more character but I still enjoy the styles.

So that is what I did this week. I actually spent more time putting our pantry back together but that’s or another post.

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  1. You’re super organized, Kemi! Thanks for sharing your storage tips! I’ve been thinking about using a storage facility to place all of my children’s old clothes. I guess you can say i’m a hoarder, but I just don’t want to get rid of the memories. Do you think that would be a good idea? I liked your clothing bin idea, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fit all my children’s clothes in there.

    1. LOL! Thank you Lily but often I do stand there with my hands on my hips wondering where on earth to start! Well that’s kind of a lot of clothes Lily. If you don’t have any need for them other than the memories it might be a lovely idea to share your beautiful bounty with others or even make some funds from the excess. What do you think?

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