Organizing Your Kitchen


Refrigerator: First go through your refrigerator, freezer and pantry and toss any out of date items. In your refrigerator set up stations for types of items. For example drinks in one area. Cheeses, butter, and other dairy in another area. Meats (that you will be using that day or the next) should be on the bottom shelf. A condiment area. Veggies in the crisper. Snacks at a level where all family members can reach them. Etc.

Freezer: Do the same with the freezer only in here have two stations. One section where you have prepared freezer meals, soups, stocks and dessert and then another section where you have unprepared foods such as frozen meats and veggies. I know most refrigerator freezers are not that large so I'm just talking about using the right hand side of your freezer for one type of item and the left for another.  Use freezer bags, vacuum sealed bags and freezer containers. You want as much air as possible out of your freezer items. Mark you items with the date you put them in the fridge so you know how long they’ve been in there.

Pantry: In your pantry also go through and toss old items. Seal up items well and transfer what you can to air tight containers. Organize your pantry shelves according to type. Canned items, rice and grains, baking items, condiments, etc. For small items such as spices recycling small boxes works to coral these items. Label the shelves and areas so you can find things quickly.

More Pantry: Also go a step further and keep a pantry list so you can know what’s needed when you go grocery shopping. Keep the list updated with how many of a particular item are on hand so you will know when it's time to stock up. If you stock up when there is a sale you will rarely if ever have to pay full price for such items.

Grocery Shopping: In addition keep a grocery shopping list handy so that when an item runs out you can quickly add it to the grocery list. After making your weekly menu you'll be all set to hit the grocery aisles.

More Tips to Help you Organize Your Kitchen

Keeping an organized kitchen not only makes it efficient when it comes to meal preparation but there will be much less wasting of foods that go bad due to situations such as not knowing they are in your kitchen in the first place!

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