Organizing Your Memories with Digital Scrapbooking

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This is actually my update post for 34 Weeks of Clean cleaning up our family photos. This past week Michele over at Family, Faith, and Fridays has challenged us to get our family photos on some kind of plan. Any kind of plan. Just deal with them!


So here’s my story:

Several years ago I started digital scrapbooking as opposed to regular scrapbooking. I never really got into regular scrapbooking and instead use those supplies to make occasion cards.

I really like Digital Scrapbooking because it’s easy to do without creating a mess. I can spend a few minutes a night on a page, save my work, and have something ready to go rather quickly. I fix my work if something gets placed wrong. No glue to rip pages and not accidental cuts that I can’t uncut. I can get the pages printed in the size I need from Costco. And it cost significantly less than if I were to buy all the paper and embellishments from the craft store.photographs2


So back to Organizing My Digital Scrapbooking.

The first digital scrapbook I made was years ago with iPhoto. That was so nice and easy to use, especially since all my pictures were already in iPhoto anyway. But it was pretty pricey to have a photobook made and there wasn’t much I could do expression wise on the pages back then. I made three mini books, sent them to relatives, vowed to make more, and promptly fell off the digital scrapbooking wagon.

I moved on to iRemember Digital Scrapbooking Software for Mac a couple of years later. I loved it! It was very intuitive and I made a great 1st year baby book for our daughter rather quickly. I then made a few other odd pages but iRemember stopped updating. The new Macs coming out must have been too much for it and they stopped creating updates. Now I’m one of those that will use old software on my computer until it chokes so when my Mac choked on iRemember I had to look elsewhere.


Next I turned to [simpleazon-link asin=”B00R3NFT0S” locale=”us”]MyMemories[/simpleazon-link]. I found it wasn’t as easy to work with as iRemember was.  I was spoiled and MyMemories made me work a bit harder. I petered out rather quick, started some things in it, and then lost interest. That was a couple of years ago also.

My Plan: So obviously my plan is to first get more aquainted with [simpleazon-link asin=”B00R3NFT0S” locale=”us”]MyMemories[/simpleazon-link]. I actually think I need a newer version but that’s on the horizon. For now I need to work with what I got.

Now if you’re interested in Digital Scrapbooking there are easier ways to go about it than what I am doing. I have a plethora of graphic software on my computer so it needs to be put to use. But what if you don’t? Well many talented designers online create Quick Pages or digital pages already done for you. All you do is insert your pictures. The prices usually run about $2-$5 per page and when there is a sale you may be able to find them for $.99 or even FREEE! Here’s a nice selection from Etsy.

1. Pamper Me Pink Quick Page

2. I Toadally Love You

3. Fabulous Fall

4. Vintage Spring


Next steps…

  1. Try a 12×12 page in MyMemories
  2. Think of new pages to make (see my free printable for weekly prompts to take more spontaneous family pictures)
  3. Set up some time each week to preserve our family memories.
  4. Get the pages printed at Costco

Well that’s it!

Next up is Arts and Crafts!

Did you follow along this week? What have you accomplished so far?

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  1. It’s hard to keep up with all the photos and other family needs. I have my memories and enjoy using it when I take the time for it.

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