Our Own Weekly Wrap Up Feb.1, 2014

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Happenings in my home this week…

Being inspired by another homeschool blogger I thought it would be a nice thing to wrap up each week with some happenings I’ve noted. You know not every happening deserves it’s own post so it’s makes sense to give a sort of wrap up.

I’m new at this so expect the first few weeks to be me getting my bearings.


1. Sweet Peanut Chef cooking on the stove.

2. Our school board where start the day with a scripture.

3. The sky (what we’re learning about in school).

4. Turkey Noodle soup with tumeric. Very yummy!

In our HomeSchool this week…

In school this week we started off in English class with learning about different books and what they contain. We learned (again) how to find a book in the library. This was  a funny lesson because it was very obvious that the student worksheet had been updated but not the teacher’s manual. When it came to the learning how to find things in the library my instructions were regarding the card catalogue while the Sweet Peanut’s were all on computer. I turned the lesson into one about the Olden Days and we discussed some things I used when I was her age that are no longer hear today.

In Reading class we’re reading a story about a little boy who felt he was too small and how it took an adult who is also small to show him he can do big things. The illustrations in the story were from the 1920’s so that was another less

on that morphed into a bit of history.

In Math we’ve finished telling time (need to work on that half past quarter past stuff) and moved into US measurements.

In Science we’re in the Solar System. Sweet Peanut is loving this class. Her cousin has a telescope so we’re borrowing that to get a good look at God’s sky. It’s funny when kids learn they are moving around the sun and also rotating. I remember wondering why I couldn’t feel it too and standing still to see if I could “sense” the movement.



1. Chocolate Cake

2. Peanut’s lunch in the basket. She likes to do this like in the “olden days”.

3. Peanut’s list. She’s a list maker.

4. Workbook from Reading Class. Learning about a few inventions in history.


Helpful things I’ve learned to pass on…

I learned a lot of things I rather had not this week. I made some dumb choices that cost me a bit. My only prayer is that I hope someone else was blessed through my forgetfulness. Cryptic enough for ya?


Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

I didn’t go anywhere special myself this week f but Sweet Peanut has been out and about enjoying our mild weather.


My favorite thing this week was…

The chocolate cake I made. See it in the collage. I didn’t make it for any special occasion so the icing job is not that neat. It’s being devoured. Not to worry.


Things I’m working on…

Getting things updated for February. Sorry for the delay. I’ve also been slowly moving things over from the blog so that takes up sometime as I pick and choose. The calendar should be up later today.

We’ve been doing some cleaning in the home. Things get messy when you start packing to move but you still have to live where you are until you find a new home.


Books I’m reading…


Well I started and finished An Amish Miracle this week. It’s for a book review. I really liked it and so it’s done.

Also started and finished the mini novel – Love by the Letter
by Melissa Jagears, which by the way, is free for Kindle last I checked. It’s cute.

and it’s sequel Bride for Keeps

Nonfiction I’m reading is…

A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization


In the Kitchen…

This week I really mixed up my menu. I strayed so far I can repeat the same menu next week and my family wouldn’t know the difference.

First I made turkey noodle stew based on this delicious recipe by the Pioneer Woman. It was really good. I’ll be doing this again.

Then I made baked chicken with rissotto and a salad.

I topped everything off with an Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake using America’s Test Kitchen recipe.


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