3 Ways to Practice the Art of Hospitality This Holiday (and a


The Holiday Season is the perfect time to Practice the Art of Hospitality.

Asking that neighbor or new family from church to join you for Thanksgiving or any other special times is ideal to open your home to others.

When you are practicing the art of hospitality it isn’t about showing off what you have but about sharing what you have.

1. Invite Someone New: Do you always have the same people over? Reach out and invite someone new. A neighbor you’ve been wanting to get to know better. A friend from work. Or that nice lady at church. Be wise but be generous.welcome-to-our-home

2. Make it Simple:  For example if you have invited some people over for a simple dinner don’t create the fanciest dish you can think of. It’s about providing a nice meal. A pleasant taste and something your guest(s) will feel comfortable enjoying. If you focus too much on the food that is where your focus will be. It is the gathering together that makes this time special.

For a simple appetizer or even dessert try a Simple Cheese Board.


Pair some delicious grapes with your favorite style of  Stella Cheeses . Add some crackers and some fresh apple slices. Place these on a nice wooden tray or some pretty plates you own.

Have your children help as they learn about hosting others. Your children can cut the cheese in little cubes and then stick those and a grape on a toothpick. Serve with crackers.

3. Enjoy your guests: Don’t hang out in the kitchen the entire time your guests are there. You should have the bulk of the cooking done beforehand. Sit down, chat with them, and don’t spend too much time with just one group of people. Work the whole room.

Save the dishes for when your guest have left. Or if they offer to help do them together chatting and hanging out the whole time. Make it fun and it can go quickly.



It’s always nice to open your home to someone at the holiday time. New friends and old you will create memories that will last a lifetime.

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