Purse Organization

Whatever kind of bag you carry, whether a clutch, shoulder bag, backpack or messenger style bag, an organized purse can make a big difference in what you accomplish and how you go about it. An organized purse means no fumbling or bumbling at the checkout line, or to hand out your business card.

Here are some tips for an organized getting and keeping a purse organized.

Choose your baggage wisely. Don’t purchase a bag too big to carry comfortably and don’t get one too small to hold your necessities. Moms needing to use their hands to juggle kids and other bags do well with a purse you can sling crosswise on your body or even a fanny pack. You want to keep your purse in sight and near you.

To keep your purse organized have little bags within your main purse for each area of you’ll need to organize. Here are some examples…


  • Beauty kit: For things like lipstick, comb, and brush.
  • Money kit aka your wallet: For your cash, credit and checks.
  • Repair Kit: Such as nail clipper, tissue, bandaids, mints, safety pins
  • Miscellaneous Kit: Pen, paper,

Make it a habit to remove your receipts from your purse as soon as you walk through the door.

Keep a special hook in your closet or a drawer or spot on a shelf somewhere where you  regularly put your bag. A home for your purse. Put it there first thing after you remove receipts, cell phone, and other needed items when you come in the house.

Schedule a weekly clean out for your purse. Purge the trash. Put things in their proper places. Check over any ripped seams or other sightings of the bag needing repair or replacement. Replenish things that need replenishing.

Take good care of your purse and it will take good care of you.

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