Put Together Your Organized Homemaking Kit


I think I’ve said it before, “Homemaking is easier when it’s Organized.”

When it comes to Organized Homemaking there are several resources that can help you get things together and in an organized manner in no  time.

There is no one perfect tool or resource that is your one go to. In fact you may find that there are many books, planners, videos, classes, and tools that work for you.

Through the years what works for you may change with the ebb and flow of your life.

Pulling together an Organized Homemaking Kit

Your Motivation

One of the biggest problems we face is even becoming motivated to take care of the home details.

I won’t list all the distracting items that can keep us from doing what’s needed. Instead we’ll work on what motivates you to get your home in order.

When I start (because I do have moments when things go haywire and I need to start again) to get my home back in an Organized Manner I need motivation. I I find these items to be particularly motivating…

Molly’s Subscription: It includes…

  • All of the printable planners
  • 10 Bite-Sized™ Guides already archived, plus a new one each month
  • Over 60 digital back issues of vintage Molly Green Magazines
  • A Variety of printables
  • Digital edition of each new Molly Green Magazine

The Housework Action Pack by Jennifer Hoffman. I don’t know if you’ll find this as motivating as I do but I think the idea is ingenious! It’s actually a thought that has crossed my mind more than once.  Exercise and get the house clean all at once!

The Homemaker’s Quiet Time Journal by Crystal Brothers. A sweet journal to help you focus on what is important during the quiet time I call midnight but you may call naptime. Start your day out right.


So then after you’re sufficiently motivated to get your home life in order you need some forms and such. You can pull some from your Molly’s Subscription but just in case you want some more to choose from you have a couple in your Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. Their colors and layouts will probably also motivate you.

  • Sweet Life Planner {Mint Edition} by Laura Smith. Planners are my thing and Laura has prepared 100 pages for you to print off what you need to get your Homemaking Binder in order.
  • Make Over Your Calendar by Crystal Paine. Crystal has a great series going to help you make over your days and make the most of each minute of each day. In this 7 day course she helps you to work through your calendar to overcome procrastination.
  • Family Systems by Hilary Erickson. More than telling you how organize your family systems she details how she managed 29 of her own family systems. This may give you an idea of how to get control of these areas of your own family life.

Money Management

  • Family Budget Challenge by Shannon Brown. Does your family need help putting together a budget? This course is by the same author that gave us Grocery Savings.
  • Kids’ Responsibility & Money Management Kit by Stephanie Morgan. This is my daughter’s win win from the bundle. She spotted this over my shoulder and is pushing me to print it up and get it set up for her. She’s been managing her money for a while but this will help her to do it in a more organized manner.

Menu Planning

A vintage homemaker once wrote a great article on organizing your days beginning with the meals. It’s true. Home life revolves around the dinner table. If you’re not Meal Planning yet you’re missing out.  Your menu planning forms are in your planner but if you need tips and helps for meal planning here you go….

For the Children

Your children are not to be left out of the mix. For many they are a big part of home life so there are several tools to help them get organized and realize their importance in happy home life.


  • Rhythms, Routines & Schedules by Rachel Norman. I love this resource because this is exactly what I did with my daughter at these ages. A simple routine to guide her day made things easier for me and comforted her.
  • Kids Cook Real Food Recipe eBook by Katie Kimball. If you missed the video course Katie put out at the beginning of the year you can still have access to her great recipes just for kids. Healthy recipes without all that processed junk.


Cleaning and Organizing the Home

This section is big for me and took a lot to wait this long to mention it. I love having a clean and organized home. I didn’t say, “I always have a clean and organized home.” I just love having one but it takes work and planning and organization. I have several articles here on Homemaking Organized where I talk about what I do and what you could do.

  • Cleaning Around the Seasons by Becky Rapinchuk. This is a no one cleaning method fits everyone approach.
  • 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life by Ruth Soukup. If you are REALLY ready to declutter and organize Ruth will walk you through her 31 day bootcamp.  I call it bootcamp because it is wonderfully on point. You’d better have what organizing tools you need on hand because she will whip your home into shape in 31 days. Go girl!


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