How to Have a Real Food Thanksgiving Dinner

real-food-ThanksgivingA Real Food Thanksgiving Dinner.

What exactly is that? That is real food, unadulterated and sans chemicals so you can taste the goodness and receive the nourishment.

Is that what Thanksgiving is about? Being thankful for the good food that God has created through the earth? The natural goodness?

During WWII the canned processed food took off in a boom and hasn’t looked back since. These days our tired bodies from wearly long days reach for boxes of this and packages of that where you only add water and are rewarded with something similar to the dinners you had as a child.

Unfortunately this same meal may be part of why you’re so tired.

The added chemicals or extra ingredients do little for your health and may even harm it.

It’s the reason so many are turning to Real Foods again. The natural fibers, the natural sugars, food the way it was meant to be.

I know Thanksgiving is a busy time and it’s so easy to pick up canned, packed everything for the whole shebang. But your guests will thank you and rave all year long if you indulge them with some food where that you know every ingredient of.

Sound good?

Sound hard?

It doesn’t have to be.

If you’ve made potatoes from a box, stuffing from a box, or even gravy from a box in the past please put those aside this year and step outside of the box. It’s not hard and the delicious results are worth it.

Katie’s Better than a Box ebook includes a bunch of resources just perfect for a real food Thanksgiving cooking – some gluten-free stuffing recipes, plenty of “cream of” casseroles, and a zinger of a party appetizer to name a few.

And it also comes with a ton of bonuses which include a version for your Kindle and Nook and several printables to help you get organized.

Try the free download “Stovetop Stuffing Chicken w/no Stovetop” from Better than a Box on your family tonight

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