3 Solutions for Your Holiday Decor Storage {34 Weeks of Clean w/ Printable}

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3 Solutions for Your Holiday Decor Storage - Homemaking Organized

If you’re following  34 Weeks of Clean Challenge this post is about how to Organize your Holiday Decorations.

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It’s the end of the Holiday Season and you have a ton of (cute) stuff to put away. While it’s tempting to throw it in the garage and slam the door on it you want to take care of your investment. I’m here to help with tips for your Holiday Decor Storage.

A story: I have a friend who I was helping to pack to move. She spends a lot on her holiday decor.In the midst of getting ready to move her things were being thrown all over the place. She ended up tossing two expensive holiday decor items because they weren’t put away properly to begin with and with all that was going on they just looked like junk to her. Next year she may regret it.

Michele (from Family, Faith, and Fridays) gave us many good tips on doing this frugally and inspired me to take part.

At first, I was going to pass on this particular project. We don’t have much in the way of Holiday Decor in our home. Our celebrations for the Lord’s birth moved away from trees and tinsel years ago and having moved just a few months ago we really pared down on the other knick knacks in the home. So I didn’t think we had much to participate with.

3 Ways to Organize Your Holiday Decorations

Note: January is a great time to pick up organizing essentials on sale.

  1. The easiest, middle of the road, way is to buy simple storage bins (Amazon link) and store your Holiday Decor in them in the garage, attic, or a spare closet (who has a spare closet?). Keep them nicely labeled (see our labels at the bottom of the post) by Holiday so you will be able to find them when the time comes.
  2. Another, pricier option is to purchase organizers for each type of decor item you are putting away. There arecloset organizers for wrapping paper and gift bags, special tree storage bags (Amazon link) so you don’t have to take your tree down, and ornament bins (Amazon link). If you need storage for Thanksgiving, and other holidays Options 1 and 3 might be better.
  3. Repurpose items you have around the house to create storage for your Holiday Decorations. This is what we are currently doing. Read below…

Repurposing a Cardboard Box for Holiday Decor Storage

Repurposed Box for storing Holiday Decorations 34 Weeks of Clean- Homemaking Organized

The 4th of July is my daughter’s favorite holiday and she has her little stash of red, white, and blue that gets stuffed in a paper bag each year. Since she’s slowly gathering more I thought maybe these items deserved a more worthy home than the one they’ve been suffering with in the past.

So to keep the frugal theme going we repurposed an old paper box we had lying around. Normally I was using this box to keep repurposed household items for homeschool crafts but as she gets older I’m finding we don’t do as many toilet paper roll and egg carton crafts as we used to.


So I moved a few of those items to another home and we went to work on the box.

I had some old packing paper that I think came wrapped around our blinds. It was fairly unscathed so I decided to use that to cover the whole box.

I sketched out some lines of approximately where the box and top stood in the paper, added some extra for overlap and cut away. I initially taped the paper to the box and then added some glue to keep it there.

Then the Sweet Peanut did some design work (by the way she’s not big into drawing but suffered through it for my sake).

Sweet Peanut drew some stars and stripes inspired as we watched Liberty’s Kids (can’t get enough of that show).


And voila! We put her 4th of July stuff in the box and now organized we are!

So now where do we keep this box?

Well before, since it is her own collection, we’ve kept it in her room so I think we’ll be doing the same with the box. Her closet is going through a bit of an overhaul as we work out the best solution for her so I just popped it on a shelf for now.

Download Our Holiday Storage Printable

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While on the hunt for some ideas for decoration storage I came across some great articles you might like. I know I’ll be building back up some of my celebration stuff so finding nice new ways to keep it is great!


How did you do?

34 Weeks of Clean Holiday Decorations

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  1. Love this idea. Good to get youngsters involved! I am all for this 34 Weeks of Clean and I will be following along with you Kemi! It will be interesting to see what progress we will make, and how to keep it up! Thanks for this timely challenge!

  2. Love it! Tell her good job. Thank you for not only linking up, but for your amazing printables for everyone!

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