Setting up an Attractive Entry Way to Your Home

attractive-entry-way-homeSome homes come with a small patch of vinyl flooring and then BAM! you’re in the living room. Argh! That can be a little frustrating when you want to have a transition into your home.

Which ever entrance describes your home add a few touches to make it a Welcoming Entrance to your home.

If you do not have an entrance that separates your front entry way from the first room of your home, or that particular area is short on space here are some ideas.

Think about what you could do to divide the areas.

  • Adding a tall bookshelf can help to distinguish the two areas. There are many ways to position such a bookshelf but it is nice if part of it can be against a wall so you can secure it for safety. Try to position the bookshelf so that guests have to step past it or around it to enter the rest of your home. Have the back of the bookshelf facing the door and the front your living room or whichever room it is.
  • If the back of the book shelf is less than ideal try painting it. An innovative touch would be to paint it with chalkboard paint so you could leave messages for family. Cool eh? Or any color of choice.
  • You can also use a screen to divide the door from the living room or whichever room is the first room in your home.  Use your imagination to provide the illusion of two separate rooms.
  • Once you have managed to separate the rooms add a few touches to distinguish your front entrance area.
  • Have a coat rack . If you don’t have a coat closet consider purchasing a coat tree. Stand it off to the side of the door so people can see it when they walk in.
  • Place an umbrella stand  for wet umbrellas near the door during the rainy season. You can set this in storage during the summer and early fall or late spring.
  • Have a good mat on the inside of your door as well as the outside. Get that dirt going and coming!
  • Got even more room? Now it's time for some ambiance. A small plant, vase of flowers or some small decorative piece on a tiny entrance table. Think of the Victorian times when home owners would have a small table in the entry way for someone to drop their calling card. Try not to add too much though.  Just something to say “Welcome”.

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