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As a member of the Old Schoolhouse Review Crew Team I’ve been given the wonderful opportunity to offer you some Spring Blessings from The Old Schoolhouse Store. Now these goodies are completely free for you but I’m going to ask you a teeny favor in return. If you are on Facebook (we all aren’t) if you could drop by their Facebook page give them a “like”. It’s not mandatory but it would make me smile. And you want to do that don’t you 🙂

I took great pains in selecting the items I would like to offer to you this April. I thought about Organizing (of course), getting your Garden in order, and something for your Spiritual Health.

organizationbundle-storeThe Organization Bundle: Is it a scramble to locate schoolbooks each morning? Do you want to organize but lack creativity? Is your budget holding you back from having your home look more “put together”? Follow a few simple steps to tame the clutter in your home.

I picked this bundle to help you organize your homeschool and to offer you great tips on organizing for less.

Get it here =>The Organization Bundle


Keeping the Garden: For the garden-lover or KeepingtheGardenCover-211x273wannabe … You’ll be inspired by over 100 pages of articles on organizing your garden, saving seeds, growing herbs, keeping pests at bay, recipes for your own produce, and so much more!

Aren’t you glad I secured this juicy tidbit for you? We’re slowly but surely getting our spring and summer garden together and every little bit helps.

Get it here => Keeping the Garden


Cover-3D-211x273Hey Mama! 31-Day Devotional: Are you a weary mama, or looking for a little encouragement? This 31-day devotional will help you to stop and gain a little perspective as you hang out with Gena Suarez, publisher of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine (TOS).

Homeschooling mamas need all the help they can get. Don’t forget to lean on the Lord. Start the day out in prayer and cast all your cares on him.

Get it here => Hey Mama! 31-Day Devotional

So to access these great goodies that are only FREE through the month of April use my special code KQCREW16 on the checkout screen.

~Have a Blessed April

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