Spring Cleaning the Kitchen Part 1


I know you faithfully clean your kitchen weekly just like in the days of old 😉 But just in case you don’t here is a nice spring cleaning detail list for the workhorse of your house, the kitchen.

Spring cleaning in the kitchen is one of the hardest cleaning chores. I love how many vintage homekeeping books advised the housekeeper to clean the kitchen from top to bottom, cupboards inside and out each and every week!  Well we do call it the heart of the home, and it certainly deserves some extra love and care.  So here are some great tips to give your kitchen the Spring Cleaning spruce up.

Your first tip is that you don’t have to do this all in one day.

When cleaning any room you want to start from the top and work your way down. This keeps you from having to clean the same areas over again since dirt moves down with gravity.  For example if you scrub the countertops and then wipe out the cabinets you will probably have to clean the counters again because any debris will fall out of the cabinets onto the countertops.

Start with prepping the stove. If you have areas around the stove that have grease build up, spray them down with your heavy duty cleaner or degreaser and let it sit a while you move on to clean something else. This is called dwell time. It will give your cleaner time to work on the build up and cut the time it takes to scrub off the set in grease significantly.

Now we begin by tackling the cobwebs and the dust that has been collecting on the walls over the long winter. Use your favorite duster and swish in the corners moving down. As you are dusting, decide if your walls need a thorough scrub down, a quick wipe, or just a spot cleaning. Save yourself some elbow grease for other tasks, if the walls seem to be in good shape. A microfiber mop is great for clean walls (and showers) by the way.

Next using your favorite all purpose cleaner start wiping off the tops of the cabinets and top shelves. Dejunk the top of the refrigerator while you have out the stepstool (or chair as I am apt to use) for cleaning. Also, while the stepstool, chair, or ladder is out, take down the curtains or blinds and clean them or replace them, if necessary. I just recently cleaned our blinds. Kitchen blinds can get awfully icky. I lay mine down in a tub with a few inches of warm water and a few teaspoons of dishsoap.  If they are ickier or it’s been eons since you’ve cleaned them lay them on an old towel in your yard and use a cleaning brush to gently scrub some diluted cleaning liquid over them. Hose off a leave to dry. Check manufacturer’s directions for wood or other such materials. If you have a ceiling fan in your kitchen, now would be a prime time to clean the dust and polish the metal fixtures. Now in the kitchen this can get pretty icky too. There are inexpensive cleaning implements you can get to clean these regularly (yes I have one) or you can dilute some all purpose cleaner and while standing securely on your ladder or what not wipe down each side of the blades.

While your blinds, curtains, or whatnot are  out of the way, clean your windows and screens. Make sure to do both the inside and outside, to keep the room feeling bright and cheerful. Leave the windows open once the screens have been replaced, to let some fresh air in and the fumes of the cleaning products out.  P.S. You should clean your windows on an overcast day. If it’s sunny they will streak.

Now it’s time to clean out the refrigerator. Take everything out of both the refrigerator and freezer.  Start organizing. Throw away expired food, almost empty items, and anything that looks as if it might talk back. In the freezer, get rid of anything that might be past its expiration date or has developed freezer burn and you no longer recognize. Put the trash bag full of food outside and in a sealed garbage can. This will keep the smells out of your house and nature from having a buffet in your honor.

While the food is out of the refrigerator remove the shelves and wash them well.  I just hold mind over the sink and wipe them down with, again, a few teaspoons of dishsoap in warm water. If you need to defrost the freezer and wipe out the inside of both the fridge and freezer. Before replacing the shelves and drawers, pull the refrigerator out, unplug it and vacuum the coils. Clean up the dirt and grime underneath and get the “hidden treasures” from under and behind the fridge.

Spring Cleaning the kitchen is a big job. It’s nice if you have help, and sometimes it’s nice if you don’t. We’re not done though. In Part 2 of Spring Cleaning the kitchen we’ll go through some more details cleaning chores.

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