Sprucing up your wardrobe for Fall

fall clothes



  • Instead of loading up on a bunch of new clothes add a few classic accessories such as a new belt, shoes or scarf to still good pieces already residing in your closet. A colorful scarf around a solid well made sweater or turtleneck looks fabulous. Lovely earrings can do a lot for solid color outfits.


  • Make sure you go through your clothing and see which pieces need to be replaced. Make a date with your closet and pull out all of your cool weather clothing. Try on pieces to make sure they still fit. and make a list of items you would like to add or replace. Toss and give away those items you no longer have a use for.


  • Check your cold weather shoes for those needing repair or polish. Don’t just junk a good pair of shoes. See if they can be revamped at the shoe repair store. Add cat’s paw or rubber sole to the bottom of shoes such as those that only have a leather sole.


  • If you don't have one now start to build a solid foundation of classic clothing pieces especially before adding on the new trendy styles. Classics can take you from year to year while trendy stuff is out of style before the end of the season.


  • When building that classic wardrobe remember that wool in lighter weights can take you from fall to winter. So can heavier cottons, linens, and my favorite silk. Keep this in mind when shopping.


  • Spend for quality not quantity. Check for solid construction in the pieces that you buy. In the long run a few more expensive well made classic pieces are cheaper than a closet full of shoddily put together clothes. Here is a good article on how to spot quality clothing.


  • If you've always envied the effortless style of French and Italian women know that their style is based on the few well made classics updated with accessories rule.
  •  And just in case you think I'm running around spending $$$$ on well made clothing never fear I still know how to bargain shop. In the past year I have purchase a few key, quality wardrobe items on MyHabit. This is one of those flash sale sites where designers can sell their off season clothing or discounted items for much less.  I was in need of a new winter coat. My previous coat was over 15 years old and fraying badly. After searching around (and being disgusted at the quality) I found a beautiful heavy wool lined winter coat on MyHabit by a designer I was familiar with for 1/5th the price of comprable coats I was looking at. Sure it wasn't $6 but it was still a great deal for a quality item. 


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