Start Packing. It’s Time to Move!

Ooh goodness where to begin??!!



I know been there done that. From across town to across the country to across two continents, I’ve moved.


The key is to be organized when you pack so that unpacking is not (that much of) a headache.


Get your packing boxes together. Places you can get them are from your work place, grocery stores, etc.


Write on your boxes in heavy pen to distinguish what room they are going into and what is in them. Or write some defining code on them and set up a spreadsheet that will have the code, what room they belong in and what is in the boxes. And example would be LR-1 for box 1 going to the living room, MB-4 for box number four going into the master bedroom.

Moving is a great time to declutter. You tend to be more brutal and chuck that stuff that has been hanging around endlessly. Keep receipts of stuff you donate for taxes and make sure you offer up goods to friends and family.


Use sheets and towels to protect glass items. You get double duty packing this way.

Pack books into smaller boxes so they are not too heavy.


If you’re just moving across town don’t empty dresser drawers. Take them out of the dressers, cover them and move them as is. Just put them back in the dressers when you get to your destination.


Try to pack in an organized fashion. Start in the room you use the least. Like the living room which is often mostly used for guests. Try to finish up the bulk of that room before moving to the next.Get everything labeled and ready to go before moving on.


If you have small children who seem to be getting in the way try and see if you have a friend or family member who can watch them while you pack. Or give them something simple to do to help you like putting their toys in a box.


Get organized. Get an early as possible start and remember there is light at the end of the moving tunnel.

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