Becoming an Organized Homemaker

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In my book a homemaker is one who turns a house into a home.  A person that takes that drab house and transforms it into a place of refuge from the storms of outside life. Where the members of the family are renewed and refreshed.

It’s not easy to be a homemaker in todays’ world. The demands of an increasingly demanding life in addition to caring for the family and home make


What is a Homemaker?


In my definition a homemaker, in addition to taking care of the management of the home, takes care of the family. You see to their basic needs. A homemaker’s duties can involve….

  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • child care, in some case child education
  • nursing care (you know when someone gets sick)
  • finances (how much do you have to spend on groceries?)
  • and much, much more


Why Should I Be an Organized Homemaker?


Being a homemaker means wearing many hats. And sometimes those hats can overlap each other. There are no regular hours and ‘surprises” happen all the time. And then there is you. If you feel that you can neglect yourself to have more time for others then you are mistaken.  Then to top it off some homemakers may have the added burden of outside responsibilities.


It only makes sense with all that a homemaker has on the plate getting it organized so you can get it all done is a must. The results of being disorganized about are not good and can leave you feeling frustrated and exhausted.


How to Become an Organized Homemaker


I like to say in the morning with you! What does that mean? It means to maximize your mornings so that the rest of your day goes smoother. Early mornings are, for many homemakers, the only time we have to ourselves.


Start With Organizing Your Day


Next Begin Organizing Your Meals


Move on to Organizing How and When You Care for Your Home