storing-summer-clothingBefore storing your clothes for the longest season (in some places) make sure you take preparations to make sure it will be wearable the next time summer rolls around.

1. Weed your clothing before storing it. Donate items you or your children have outgrown and toss unusable stuff.

2. Clean your clothing before putting it away. Although most summer clothing is made from cotton there are summer weight woolens and natural fibers that need to be protected from moths. The cleaning (or dry cleaning) process will destroy the moth’s eggs and other fiber eating ickies.

3. Protect your clothing from moths and other fiber eating bugs. Place cedar blocks or chips in the storage container with your clothing. Put them in old stocking or socks so they don't color the clothing.  I use lavendar and rosemary sachets (given to me for a birthday present) which I replenish with essential oils each season. Cloves will also work.

4. Store your clothing in your garments bags or luggage you aren't using. It's a double duty way of storing items not being used.

5. Don't store your clothing in damp areas. If your basement is damp find another place to store your clothes. Use the guest bedroom closet or the attic.



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