Strengthen Your Marriage This February

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Jamie Balmet of Homemaking Ministires has started a new challenge to help you strengthen your marriage.

For just $13.50 (50% off) purchase a pack of four resources to help you strengthen you marriage this Spring.

The resources in this bundle are…

  • 30 Days of Loving Your Man: As described above
  • 90 Date Night Questions for Christian Married Couples:
  • How to Plan a Marriage Retreat
  • Rekindling Romance eKit (version 2.0): This includes 7 games/ideas to help you connect with your spouse and the printables to accomplish them.

Sometimes we can take our spouses for granted.

Earlier this year I mentioned that I wanted to be more intentional in taking care of my family. This, of course, includes my husband.

I already have several every day ideas of how I might accomplish this but having this bundle on hand makes my job a bit easier.

My favorite resource in this bundle is 30 Days of Loving Your Man. 30 Little Printable notecards each with an idea on how to do something special for your spouse each day. And then 3 pages of printable notecards to leave in special places for your spouse telling him how much you appreciate him.

But there is much more to this cute bundle.

The cost is $11.95

Read more details and pick up this bundle from Finding Joy in Your Home Ministries here.


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