Sweeping Up Cobwebs in Winter – Tidying Up Out of Doors

Just because Spring is a long way off doesn’t mean your outdoors housekeeping has gone dormant.
Even in the winter the debris and dust can build up and cause your home to look untidy. You don’t want that do you?

Just as you would in the Spring and Summer give your outdoor areas a quick swipe to keep them looking up to par.

I don’t like to spend too much time on this. It is cold and many times wet but I still like to keep my front door area looking tidy and if you do too follow the simple steps below.

Since it’s winter all you need is a broom. Use one that you save specifically for out of doors.

  • Step out of your front door, close it and turn around.
  • Use your broom to brush the top and sides of your front door and any windows that may be in the front on the first floor.
  • Next pick up your door mat (I do hope you have a good one that catches dirt and debrislike this one  off of shoes. This is the doormat I use on our front and back steps.
  • Shake your door mat off into the grass or dirt in front of your house. Of course it should just blend in since it’s dirt too.
  • Next, with your broom sweep of the front porch.

There! Wasn’t that easy?

Schedule a bit of outdoor sweeping once a month or so during the cold season. We live next to an open field so I need to sweep a little more often such as every two weeks.

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  1. Great ideas:) I definitely need to do this. I have tons of webs w/ bugs caught in them so it looks pretty gross.

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