Thanksgiving Week November 24, 2014 Monday – Menu Plan

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It’s Thanksgiving Week!

Are you excited? It’s special time to give thanks and be together.

Here’s what we’ll be doing…

Our own Thanksgiving Day is a melding of extended family gathering for a lovely day together.

Our family also attends a church service later that evening so we try not to overdo it and knowing that we are going to church later really puts us in the thankful mood.

Dinner Plans…

Now as in every year when the week of Thanksgiving arrives I’m hardly thinking about dinner Monday thru Wednesday. It’s Thursday I’m focused on and the rest is come what may.

I’m pretty sure you don’t want to know about my half thought out dinner plans for those days so instead let’s focus on what will happen on Thursday.

Since we’re a group of families getting together the menu is split up between us. I send out a group email with a list of categories and get back responses on who wants to bring what.

This is our chance to be creative and bring out those Masterchef skills. We have a few allergies in the bunch so trying to accommodate everyone can be a little challenge but we do our best.

Each year we host the meal at our home and we also make the turkey and gravy.

I’ve been brining our turkeys for several years now and I’m going to do it again this year. It makes a tasty bird.

I also make an apple cider glaze to baste the turkey with and a gravy recipe from America’s Test Kitchen.

I like to start my grocery shopping early so I’m going grocery shopping today. That means I get to miss most of the crowds. Yaayyy! I always do my grocery shopping for Thanksgiving on Monday and my husband picks up the turkey on Wednesday. Unfortunately he runs into a fair amount of crowds.

Okay since you asked here’s what’s on my menu for this week…

Monday: Leftover spaghetti sauce turned into skillet mac.

Tuesday: Rockfish…I think

Wednesday: Chicken Curry

Thursday: Thanksgiving!

Friday: Turkey Leftovers!


What’s on your menu?

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  1. We’re not hosting Thanksgiving this year (we normally do not as Easter is my holiday for hosting) but I did get a turkey since a local store always runs a buy a ham, get a free turkey at this time of year. I’ll have read up on how to do the brine when I get around to cooking it.

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