The Busy Mom’s Guide to Taming the Laundry Monster – Giveaway *CLOSED*

Taming the Laundry Monster

I’ve had the pleasure, over the past couple of weeks, of reading and reviewing The Busy Mom’s Guide to Taming the Laundry Monster.

I think I’ve let it be known a time or two that I really detest laundry.

I’ll clean the bathrooms before I tend to folding and putting away laundry.

Right now I’m blaming it on my too small laundry room but truthfully I just don’t like it or have the time to sit there folding endless clothes. Which my family loves to go through like water.

Laundry and I don’t get along.

But it’s gotta be done and after my husband shrunk 2 of my vintage three merino wool sweaters during our first few months of marriage I’m the one that has the chore.

So when the opportunity came to review The Busy Mom’s Guide to Taming the Laundry Monster I jumped on it. If Angie can make my laundry even a little bit less tedious I’m all in.

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Taming the Laundry Monster is 32 pages long and nice quick read. But the information contained therein will serve you for a lifetime.Kindle1

When I first started to read Taming the Laundry Monster I was expecting to read a bullet point list of how to do my laundry the best way, you know the way I write (hahahahah!) But blessedly Angie is nothing like me and her style of writing put me right at ease and let me know she had been there done that.

Angie first starts off explaining some of the different ways of doing laundry (in an organized manner) and the pluses and minuses to each version. I’ll just let you know that right now I do method number 2 but like she says I never get around to putting it away.

Angie then goes on to share her roots in laundry. Her first days as a new wife and how she came to the excellent system she has today. Since she starts from the beginning Angie has a system for doing laundry for everything from only 2 people to a mother of many children.

Finally she offers insight and frugal recipes for everything from laundry detergent to odor removers.

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Taming the Laundry Monster is a quick read but an informative one. Where I didn’t think I would learn anything I did. Incidentally after reading through this my daughter came and asked me when I’m going to teach her to do her own laundry 🙂 She didn’t even know I had been reading this ebook.


* This post contains my affiliate links and Angie, bless her heart, sent me a free copy to review. These views are my own and she had no idea how much I hate laundry.



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