Things to Accomplish in 2016

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Is this post late? I’m like that sometimes. It’s like I don’t think about 2016 until it’s actually here.

But here it is and here is a small list of  some small things I would like to accomplish this year.

This doesn’t represent everything I have my eye on but just a bit.


  1. Read through most of the books on my Kindle: Getting free ebooks for the Kindle is addicting. I try to be a bit picky but goodness they are there and if they are halfway interesting I have to get them lest I miss the opportunity! The problem is they sort of sit there and never get read.  Since I own those I tend to pay more attention to library books and books I need to do a review on. I’m going to try and change that this year and read the even the ones I own.
  2. Really, really, really stay on my healthy living track: You know how you usually have good intentions but then get lazy and back off. Admit it. You’ve done it too. You have every intention of eating well. Getting that fresh air and a bit of exercise. Eating well balanced healthy meals. But then you get caught up in taking care of everyone else and forget to take care of yourself. You eat whatever is nearby. And poof! You feel awful and you can pinpoint why. Case in point.  I’ve been dipping my toes into Trim Healthy Mama and feeling much better. Even while I’ve been tweaking it to fit my needs. But then I recently went back to my normal eating habits and neglecting my vitamins and well felt so awful afterwards (physically) that I can see I need to stick with a good thing and not be lazy.  A run down mama is no good.


  1. Take Care of My Family: So I’m not in the habit of using the word “intentional”. I feel it’s been a little over used. But in this case it’s what I actually want to do so it fits. I want to be more intentional about the things I do to care for my family. Make it count. Put some feeling into it. I feel like caring for my family has been on autopilot and I would like to be more in the moment as I see to their needs. I can already see a positive response in family as I’ve been doing this already. (warm squishees here)


  1. Continue to encourage my daughter: A little encouragement goes a long way in helping her do her best.
  2. Maximize Our Resources: We are blessed to be on the 2016 Schoolhouse Review Crew and this comes with a ton of resources to help our homeschool and our home including the site which is just a gold mine. If you need a one stop cost effective place to meet almost all your homeschool needs I encourage you to check it out.
  3. I’ve got some more Homeschool Goals listed here on this post.


  1. Do more Use What I Have Decorating: Maybe I watch too many DIY and Home buying shows but it tends to sow a seed of discontent kind of like too much Pinterest. My husband made a comment the other day that let me realize he thinks I don’t love our home and want more.
  2. Redo 34 Weeks of Clean: This is a project I worked with Michele of Family, Faith, and Fridays on last year. She is super organized and walked us through cleaning and organizing each (and I do mean each) area of our homes. Even though we had just moved in going through this project with her allowed us to fine tune our belongings and really tidy things up. Unfortunately the results didn’t last in a busy home and it needs doing again. But one thing that came from it is seeing our home with fresh eyes and coming up with new ideas to care for our belongings. Suffering with disorganization? You can jump in any time which is grand. 34 Weeks of Clean Revisited
  3. Beautify the Yard and Garden: This will have to wait until warmer weather but apart from cutting the lawn I would like to do more to create a prettier oasis, especially in the back yard. I’m signed up for The Extended Harvest, Transform Your Garden Design, and Gorgeous Garden Design through Craftsy. We made it partway through Gorgeous Garden Design course last spring. We took a break to actually do some of the stuff and make some changes to our front yard as a result of Karen Chapman’s tips and one on one help (Yes she does answer questions. And you can send her your pictures so she can give tips).

Well that sounds like a nice list. There are some other things we are aiming to do as a family but  depending on other circumstances they may or may not happen.

Let’s make this a good year!

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