Thinking Outside the Box When it Comes to Healthy Breakfasts

Thinking Outside the Box when it Comes to Breakfast

To save time, but certainly not money, it’s easiest to offer up cold cereal for breakfast each morning.

I don’t know about you but I get really tired of cold cereal very quickly. Especially if it’s winter and my body wants something warm and filling.

My husband is no fan of the cereal box.

My husband’s preferred breakfast is dinner.

Leftovers, savory soups and main dishes are what he likes to chow down on before heading out for the day. These aren’t usual breakfast ideas but they are really what works for him.

Simplify your morning

For me I waffle (haha! pun intended) between regular breakfast foods such as breads, and cereals, to just wanting a smoothie to start my day.

Our daughter will eat all of the above and then some. God blessed us with an unpicky child when it comes to food (Thank you Lord!).

They really enjoyed it when I picked the DIY Breakfast Stations Ebook from Kim at Not Consumed.

This little set of recipes gave me some good ideas for quick breakfasts that my family can heat up and enjoy. You make the items ahead of time and put them in the freezer.

I purchased pack #2 and the French Toast Sticks and Mini Quiche are the family favorites.

With a couple of the recipes I have to look hard to find soy-free versions of certain ingredients or take an extra step and make these items from scratch. That adds a little time to my breakfast prep. This doesn’t bother me but if you have allergies then note you may have to deal with this also. It’s only a couple of ingredients on two recipes in my case.

Other recipes you’ll find in DIY Breakfast Station Pack #2

  • Pancake Muffins
  • Mini Quiche
  • Croissant
  • Breakfast Pizza
  • Smoothie
  • and of course the French Toast Sticks

The printable ebook also comes with labels and a shopping list.

Change it Up at the Breakfast Table!

But one thing we all agree on is eating something a little different for breakfast now and again. Not necessarily a breakfast food but things we might have eaten on trips, seen in a book, or even on a tv show.

We love to eat but you would never know it to look at my lean husband and daughter. You might guess from seeing me but that’s another post.

In addition to homebaked breakfast breads, breakfast sandwiches, waffles, pancakes, and fritattas here are some yummy ways we like to change it up at the breakfast table.

  • Beans with ham, and hot cereal
  • Pan fried smelt (yummmm) with sautéed vegetables. We just like smelt. I grew up on it.
  • Fried liver
  • Sunny side eggs cooked in last night’s ethnic stew. Ethiopian Doro Wat or Nigerian beef stew make up the “stew” in this dish.
  • A smorgasboored of cut veggies, olives, yogurt, cheeses, and breads. A little of everything. This reminds us of breakfasts we had in Israel many years ago.
  • Asian noodles in a light broth with a boiled egg.

We don’t eat like this every day. Maybe once a week or every other week.

Article: What Kids Around the World Eat for Breakfast

How about you? Do you have any different ideas about breakfast?

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